What does your winter coat say about you?

What does your winter coat say about you?

We’re now in the depth of winter, when even the most weather hardened of folk are donning their hats and scarves and shrugging into a winter coat. But, with the a seemingly endless array of designs to choose from, how do you settle on just one coat style to keep you warm all winter long?

It’s my belief that you winter coat choice says a lot about who you are, and that the cut can give clues to whether you are outgoing, or introvert, young enough not to care or old enough to know better. So here is my (tongue in cheek) view of what your winter coat says about you.



What’s more important, being warm or looking good? If you’re wearing a jacket in the middle of winter then you firmly believe it’s the latter. Sure, it’s three below and you’re freezing your kidneys off, but the important thing is you look cute as hell.

You’re probably young enough that you can still head out clubbing until 3am without being crippled by a hangover the next day and you rarely worry about the future, which is probably a good thing because it will likely involve a cold.

Black jacket by ASOS

Pictured: ASOS jackets and coats, denim borg jacket.



You were probably a jacket person once, long ago. But the wisdom that comes with age has made you cynical. Sure, you still want to look good, but you also want to wear layers and remain toasty.

You probably gave up clubbing (except on special occasions) when hangovers started to last three days, and would now rather spend your time sitting in a civilised bar, drinking prosecco, and exclaiming “she’ll catch her death in that” every time a young girl wearing nothing but a jacket and a pocket handkerchief strolls by.

Blue overcoat by David Nieper

Pictured: David Nieper Jackets & Coats Luxury Contemporary Coat

Puffer Coat

Some people hate getting out of bed and leaving behind their duvet, but you’ve found a way leave one duvet only to shrug on another one!

You’re probably an unusual hybrid of a jacket and an overcoat person. You value your appearance and want to look cute, but you also value your kidneys and want to keep them warm. As a result, you straddle the jacket/overcoat divide, with the ability to party like it’s 1999 and still get up for work in the morning, while also being able to tut and roll your eyes at mid-drifts on display in December.

Black puffa coat by John Lewis

Pictured: John Lewis jackets & coats, Karen Millen feather filled puffer



At one point you may have favoured a jacket or even an overcoat, but then you bought a dog and all of that went out of the window.

Now you rely on your trusty parka to keep you warm and dry as you do battle with the elements so that your best friend can have their morning poop. You no longer even try to frequent bars and are only found in dog friendly pubs surrounded by other parka wearing dog lovers.

Black parka coat by Very

Pictured: Very jackets & coats, TresspassDolly parka



What type of coat do you wear?

You can tell a lot about people from the clothes they wear, what is your winter coat saying about you?

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