Well Done Tesco!

Like many mums with tiny babies I do my shopping online. My shop of choice is Tesco, just because I had awful problems using Sainsbury’s for my disabled mother.

Anyway, today was the first time I’d had a dreaded damaged product. Grumpy Baby’s formula carton had a hole punched right through the side! It was at the back of the package so I can forgive the picker, who I’m sure was in a rush, for missing it but as I dialled the customer service line and negotiated the inevitable call handling system I was dreading having to haggle with the call centre staff over what they would do to rectify the problem…

Imagine my surprise when a helpful and cheerful chap answered the phone, listened politely to my problem and dealt with it quickly and efficiently! I felt like I had entered the Twighlight Zone as he told me that not only would he refund me immediately for the product, but, if I would like a replacement he would have it delivered (with free delivery) the next day or on a day of my choosing.

A few minutes later and the problem was all sorted, Grumpy Baby’s extra packet of formula would arrive by midday the next day and I hadn’t had to get Grumpy once. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to call a customer service line about a problem and been left feeling entirely happy with the service and solution.

Well done Tesco’s, your delivery men have been in my good books ever since Grumpy Baby was born, as they happily help me bring the shopping into the house with a smile and a cheerful manner when Grumpy Baby is in a grump and can’t be put down. Now your customer service team has also succeeded in providing an outstanding experience.

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