Weight Loss Diary – Hitting 10% of my goal

Weight Loss Diary

Losing weight should be easy, you eat moderately, you don’t stuff yourself full of junk food and you lose weight. In reality though, losing weight is a pain in the ass! Human bodies evolved to be efficient in a hunter gatherer environment, which means that we crave fats and sugars and are designed to be constantly moving about and working. In a modern society where sugar and fat is easily accessible and we spend most of our time in front of a computer screen, it’s no wonder that most of us could do with losing a few lbs.

My weight loss journey isn’t happening as fast as I would like it too but it is happening. I’ve now lost 10% of my weight loss goal which is great! But because I’ve got so much to lose, another 3st11lb, I’m not seeing much evidence of my weight loss as far as dress sizes are concerned and this is my main goal. I’m desperate to get back to a size 12 to 14 instead of my current mortifying 18. Even getting down to 16 would be something to celebrate as I would be able to squeeze into some of my larger normal clothes and finally retire my post baby clothes.

Weight Loss Diary

Up until now all I’ve been doing is cutting out foods such as crisps and chocolates and only eating them for very special treats. I’ve also been reducing the amount of less healthy dinner food I’ve been eating by replacing chips with salad or mash etc. I’ve also been using an app called happy scale. This requires you to weigh in every day (something I do anyway because I’m so obsessive!) it then takes this and gives you goals, tells you how much on average you’re losing per week, and averages out your weight loss to give a true impression of how well you are doing. It’s because of this app that I know that my weight loss is already slowing down to a crawl, so I need to step up my game if I want to continue losing.

In a bid to kick start my weight loss again I am doing a few things. Firstly, I have downloaded My Fitness Pal and will be tracking absolutely everything I eat in a bid to find out where I’m going wrong. I think that I’m eating fairly healthily, but maybe I’m missing something. I’ve predicted my food intake today and it suggests that I have 300 calories left which is great.

I will also try using my Vivosmart pedometer again. I do find it difficult to use this as I have very tiny wrists so it tends to get in my way. It also counts bouncing Baby as a step which is a little confusing. Still it can’t hurt to try it one more time particularly as I can link the data to My Fitness Pal.

Finally, I need to start exercising! I have a running machine at home so I should try to use this when Grumpy Dad is around to look after Baby. I also want to do two body balance classes a week using the Les Mills online service. If I manage to do two body balance classes and two runs per week then I won’t be far off of doing the same amount of exercise I did before meeting Grumpy Dad. The only thing missing is all the weights I used to do and I’m sure I could work out an alternative for that.

Weight Loss Diary

This week I haven’t managed to do much exercise as it’s just too hot! I managed body balance on Sunday but my second session was supposed to be Thursday and my south facing living room was just too hot! I have to admit that the thought of setting up the gazebo and exercising outside in the shade is very appealing at the moment.

Hopefully, when I hit my next milestone in a couple of weeks I’ll be seeing a much better downward trend in my size, weight and fitness. Not least because I managed to spill oil all down my only pair of jeans at the weekend and am having a nightmare finding another pare that aren’t super skinny!

Do you have any tips for weight loss success? I’d love to hear them!

Losing weight is a pain in the ass! Check out my new weight loss diary, now I have reached 10% of my goal.


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