Weight Loss Challenge: 52lb in 52 weeks #5

Weight loss and dieting challenge week 5

Can you believe that the end of January is here already? I certainly can’t! Somehow time slips by without me noticing, I blink and another month is gone.

This month has been a bit of a weight loss roller coaster. My first week was amazing with a 4lb loss but then I jumped back up and gained 2lb. Luckily since then I’ve been steadily losing 1lb a month, which isn’t terribly exciting but it is exactly what I’ve set myself up to do. I’m sure there are diets out there which would have me losing 2 or 3lb a week but from experience, I know that it would all creep back on as quickly as it was lost.

This week I’ve been fairly well behaved. I have been preparing for my frugal February challenge which will have a massive impact on what I buy in the weekly food shop. As a result we have been making even more of our food from scratch and spending more time planning meals to get the most out of the ingredients. This should mean that I will be eating more vegetable rich fresh foods and as I haven’t budgeted for crisps or chocolate, there should be less in the house to tempt me.

A staple of my diet at the moment is thick stews full of carrots, parsnips, swede, tomatoes and cheap cuts of meat. These are so easy to make in large batches, healthy, and as there’s always lots left over so I can make home made pasties or pies for the next day. This is probably not the healthiest thing to do but it is yummy and I like to think that the amount of vegetables I’m eating more than make up for the little bit of pastry.

With luck I will be able to establish my own vegetable patch in the spring, which will mean even more vegetables and fruit for the family to tuck into.

This will be my last weekly diet update as I will be moving to monthly updates from now on. This is because, now that I’ve established my diet it’s all a matter of tweaking and maintaining which is rather dull. So, this week I leave you at 48lb to lose in 48 weeks. Hopefully at the end of February I will have reached  44lb on target.

How have your weight loss efforts progressed? Have you been steadily improving or falling off the wagon?

Weight loss challenge week 5. Read about the ups and downs on my dieting journey to get slim and lose the baby weight.


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