5 Alternative uses for Dummy Clips + Baby Wings Giveaway

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

If you had said the words “dummy clip” to me before I had Baby I would have stared at you blankly but now I can’t walk across a room without passing at least three of them!

I love dummy clips as they are so handy and not just for preventing Baby’s dummy from disappearing to the same place as all of her left socks. I often find myself using them to clip, tie, and attach things that are way outside of the usual dummy clip remit and although I’ve tried lots of different clips, my favourites are still Baby Wings. You can view my full review of Baby Wings dummy clips here, but as they have just released two cool new designs I’ve decided to share some of my alternative dummy clip uses.

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

Hanging Around

What baby doesn’t like dangling toys? Younger babies love to watch them, while older babies go wild batting at them. Dummy clips make it easy to suspend any soft toy from the hood of your baby’s pram or stroller.

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

Never lose a toy again

When I first started using Baby’s stroller I spent all of my time checking and re-checking that she hadn’t lost Mr Hedgehog or Pinky the Unicorn. That was until I realised that I could use a dummy clip to attach them to the pram ensuring that if they fall (are launched) out of the pram, they dangle safely just above the ground.

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

No more crumbs

I nearly always have 2 or 3 dummy clips in Baby’s changing bag but I’m always forgetting to pack sandwich clips to close all of the half eaten packets of crisps and crumbly biscuits. Not to worry, the clip on the end of a dummy clip does the job just fine and one clip can easily close 3 or 4 packets. Why Baby is incapable of finishing a packet of anything is beyond me!


How’s it hanging

Dummy clips are great if you need to hang something on a hook that just doesn’t want to be hung. Baby towels, muslins, jackets that don’t have loops… just clip the dummy clip onto them and throw the loop over the hook. No more jackets or soggy towels falling on the floor.

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

Baby it’s cold outside

I often keep a blanket in Baby’s changing bag just in case. But no matter how chilly it gets, baby seems to be obsessed with kicking her blanket off. Dummy clips to the rescue again! Simply loop the dummy clip over the pram harness on either side of Baby, fold the blanket so it will sit on her lap without dragging on the floor and clip it into place with the dummy clips. Baby remains warm despite herself.


Do you use a dummy clip for any other purpose?

Competition Time

The lovely chaps at Baby Wings are offering a pack of their new design dummy clips to one lucky winner. Simply complete some or all of the actions on the Rafflecopter panel below.

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

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  4. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days a new winner will be drawn.
  5. The blog owner is not responsible for non-deliver of prize.
  6. The prize is one pack of Baby Wings dummy clips to be dispatched by Baby Wings.
  7. Anyone identified as using multiple accounts to gain extra entries will be disqualified.
  8. If you enter by following an account you must still be following when the the giveaway is drawn.

I love dummy clips and over the past year I've discovered that they're far more versitile than you would think.



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  1. No i never have used it before for anything other than dummies but will do now as my baby boy throws everything out of his pram so these would be very handy

  2. Such great ideas, thanks!I have used them before to clip sandwich bags/snack packets together but I love the clipping toys to the stroller idea as my nephew is forever losing his stroller toys.

  3. I have never used dummy clips before but am currently pregnant and think they would be absolutely invaluable and with tons of uses!

  4. Never used a dummy clip as due to have my first baby at the end of the month so planning on using it for his dummy

  5. I have used them to attach toys to the pram and also to attach to my little boys blanket so it didnt fall out of the pram 🙂

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