5 unusual beauty treatments that really exsist

5 Unusual beauty treatments that really exist

Men and women have always been willing to do some very strange things to make themselves more attractive. From poking your face with needles to pouring wax on your body and ripping it off, hair and all. You have to wonder who came up with these treatments and how drunk the first person who agreed to undergo them was.

Spurred on by celebrity endorsements, social media, and the hunt for the fountain of youth… or at least the leaky faucet of wrinkle banishment… The general public have become increasingly willing to try absolutely anything that promises to lift, firm, or beautify. Even if that means wearing bird poop on their face. Personally, I would rather grow old gracefully than inject random substances into my face, but if you are a little more adventurous, perhaps these unusual beauty treatments are for you!

Tattooed eyebrows

I find it hard to think of anything worse than having someone tattoo your face, but as my eyebrows turn back into hairy caterpillars mere hours after I’ve plucked them, I don’t think this treatment is aimed at me.

Tattooed eyebrows aren’t as scary as they sound, unlike their permanent siblings, eyebrow tattoos are applied using an acupuncture needle which only deposits pigment in the upper layers of skin. As a result, the tattoo only lasts for about a year and the results should be very natural, leaving you to ignore your eyebrows and focus on other things. However, at £300-£400 for each application, you would need to be serious about your eyebrow insecurity to go for this treatment.

Enigmatic eyes, tattooed eyebrows beauty treatment

Face whitening

Face whitening from Dore Aesthetics is a treatment which uses heat to break down dark pigment in your skin. It’s non-invasive and the pigment should be expelled from your body as skin flakes a few weeks after the treatment.

As someone who has so many freckles that they’re starting to band together and create continents on my face, I do find this treatment intriguing, but trying it out does require a commute to Singapore!

Gold thread facelift

Many beauty treatments have a catchy name to entice you into trying them, and gold thread facelift sounds like a perfect example of this, but the reality is just bizarre.

For this beauty treatment, which sounds terrifying, the patient is awake while gold threads are woven under their facial skin. The idea being that the gold stimulates the natural production of collagen which plumps up your skin, removing wrinkles as it goes.

I can’t help but think that removing one or two wrinkles isn’t worth the horror of having a metal net sewn just under your skin but if this bling treatment catches your fancy Dr Alex Chambers will happily relieve you of around £2,000.

Gold thread beauty treatment

Beard Transplant

This is one for the fellas out there. If you want a big bushy beard but just can’t get your facial follicles to play ball, you can now transplant hair from other parts of your body.

Personally I can’t think of anything worse than having a scratchy beard providing hiding places for old pieces of food, except paying £3,000-£7,000 for the privilege. However, if that’s your thing you can head to The Private Clinic to get your beard on.

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Butt hole bleaching

This delightful addition to our list was suggested by Grumpy Dad. In all honesty, I’ve never considered the colour of my butt hole area, it’s not something that I’ve ever seen, let alone need to worry about. But many people do worry about it and for them there is the option of bleaching their butt hole.

This treatment is far more popular in the US, but in the UK you can get a whole host of creams and kits to bleach your bum. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get one.

Stone bums, butt hole bleaching beauty treatment

Have you tried an unusual beauty treatment? What was it and would you do it again?

Men and women have always been willing to do some very strange things to make themselves more attractive. This post looks at 5 of the strangest beauty treatments around.

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  1. Do you know if the coloration eventually returns if the product is no longer being applied or if the bleaching is permanent once the desired shade is obtained? Or are follow-up applications required to maintain the desired shade?

    1. I’m not sure if your referring to the skin tone treatment or the butt hole bleaching. I haven’t had either treatment myself but I think the skin tone treatment takes a few sessions to see results and I imagine the discolouration comes back over time. I’m certain the butt hole treatment needs to be repeated… I’d say I can’t think of anything worse but most of these treatments sound unpleasant! 😉

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