Review: Tipple Box Cocktail Subscription

Review: Tipple Box Cocktail Subscription

About Tipple Box

Tipple box is a cocktail subscription box costing between £22 and £25 per month. Each month you receive the ingredients to make two different cocktails, along with a glossy card detailing how to make the cocktails and some gourmet snacks.

My Review of Tipple Box

Back in my early 20’s I was often found at the clubs with my friends, drinking whatever alcoholic beverage was in fashion and returning home slightly worse for wear. That was however over 10 years ago now and these days I prefer a few civilised drinks in the early evening, followed by a meal and bed before midnight. Rock and Roll!
Despite my lightweight tendencies, when I was asked to try a Tipple Box cocktail subscription I just couldn’t resist. After all, who doesn’t like a nice refreshing cocktail?

Review: Tipple Box Cocktail Subscription

When the box arrived I was suitable impressed. Inside was a large packet of gourmet popcorn, which seems to be the “in” snack at the moment. There was also a very well packed selection of small gin, vermouth, bitters, and mixer bottles, which all looked very inviting. The box was finished off with a glossy A5 card describing how to make a Westminster Abbey Marini and an Orange Lady.

Grumpy Dad and I quickly decided that we fancied the Westminster Abbey Martini and dug out the martini glasses and shaker. Luckily, given that neither of us are experienced cocktail makers, the instructions were very easy to follow and we were soon faced with two extremely strong cocktails… I will admit that neither of us managed to finish ours as Grumpy Dad wasn’t keen and I developed an alcohol induced headache after just two sips. I’m fairly certain that if I had finished the drink I would have ended up on the floor or with my head down the toilet. One of the two.
It was unfortunate that the cocktail wasn’t to our taste but it was fun to make and the product screamed quality. I certainly felt that the novelty and product was worth the money. That was until Grumpy Dad asked one very important question, who is it aimed at?

Review: Tipple Box Cocktail Subscription

Although I thought that the product looked good and was fun, for people like Grumpy Dad and I who aren’t cocktail enthusiasts, the drinks were too strong to be enjoyable. At the other end of the spectrum, Grumpy Dad pointed out that cocktail enthusiasts, who would love the taste of the drinks, would already have ingredients like Vermouth and Gin, meaning that they would be paying predominantly for the mixing card and a couple of snacks. In all honesty, the only markets that I could see the box doing well in were the gift and novelty markets.

Review: Tipple Box Cocktail Subscription

I’m usually a big fan of subscription boxes, but while the products within this box are of good quality and the idea is a novel and well executed, I find it hard to know who to recommend it to.

If you would like to give Tipple Box a try for yourself, you can place your order on their website

Tipple Box provide everything you need to make delicious cocktails, right to your door. Find out what we thought of it in our latest review.


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