TeaTox Twist Detox Tea Review

Teatox Twist Detox Slimming Tea Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

About the product

Teatox is a brand of detox teabags. The tea comes in a bag of 28, packaged in a biodegradable pyramid bags with instructions to drink one cup per day to assist in detox or dieting.

The ingredients of the tea are Chinese Oolong Tea, Liquorice, Ginger, Fennel, Schizandra Berries, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Dandelion Leaves.

Teatox Twist Detox Slimming Tea Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

The Review

I’m a big fan of tea, however I’m usually only interested in the biscuit dunking kind! I have tried herbal and detox teas before, usually at this time of year when the Christmas excess has caught up with me and I feel as if I should make some effort to help my poor body recover from too much food and wine. But these teas have always disappointed, they smell amazing, usually fresh and fruity or sweet, but then you take a sip and they taste of slightly bitter water. I was expecting the same of Teatox.

Teatox Twist Detox Slimming Tea Review www.grumpymum.co.ukAfter inspecting the teabag which is full of an intriguing muddle of dried leaves, stems and seeds, I decided to take the plunge and brew the tea. As the mixture comes in pyramid bags instead of the flat pockets most herbal teas are packaged in, it brewed quickly, turning the water a warm honey colour and giving off a strong smell of fennel. On taking a nervous sip, I was very surprised to find that instead of the bland bitter hot water I was expecting, The tea tasted very sweet with a fruity after taste. This was not just the tolerable necessary evil of a normal detox tea, but a surprisingly pleasant sweet tea that I was happy to drink.

Once I had tried the tea and learned that the taste was far better than I had expected, I turned my attention to the ingredients. Most herbal and detox teas make wild claims about their ingredients which have no basis in scientific fact. So I decided to look at the ingredients from a medically proven point of view. To be fair, most of the studies that have been performed on the ingredients were small or non-existent, but below is a break down of the attributes of the Teatox ingredients which have some basis in provable fact.

Teatox Twist Detox Slimming Tea Review www.grumpymum.co.ukOolong tea is made from the same leaves and buds as regular tea, however it is processed slightly differently. It contains caffeine, so is likely to have an effect on mental alertness. There have also been studies which suggest that it helps to prevent ovarian cancer and some evidence that Oolong may have health benefits with regards to diabetes, skin conditions such as eczema, blood pressure and weight loss, but these have not been sufficiently proven.

Liquorice has been shown in some studies to reduce body fat when taken in small daily doses, however it should be avoided if you have high blood pressure, heart or kidney problems.

Ginger is most known for helping to control nausea but it also has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce pain from osteoarthritis or muscle pain after exercise. Ginger is also thought to reduce cholesterol but more research is needed to confirm this.

Fennel is thought to have a huge number of benefits however it is proven to have benefits to the digestive system.

Teatox Twist Detox Slimming Tea Review www.grumpymum.co.ukSchizandra Berries are thought to improve mental alertness, there is also some evidence that they might help with exercise performance and high blood pressure.

Peppermint has been proven to have a number of benefits for the digestive system.

Lemongrass is thought to have a number of benefits to the digestive system and blood pressure but there is little scientific evidence to back these up.

Dandelion Leaves are thought to assist in digestion and to improve liver and gallbladder function, however most studies of have used animal test subjects, not human.

So, although science doesn’t necessarily back up all of the herbalists claims for these ingredients. There are enough proven benefits to alertness and in particular, the digestive system for me to be convinced that drinking Teatox certainly should do you some good from a health perspective and possibly from a weight loss perspective too, so long as you are drinking it while also using a calorie controlled diet.

Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

Teatox Twist can be purchased on Amazon, using the link below, or for more information you can visit their website at www.teatoxtwist.co.uk





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