Roxi Electronic Jukebox – A Grumpy Dad Review

Review: Roxi Electronic Jukebox

Introduction Here at Grumpy Mum Reviews I always try to give the best balanced and informative reviews I can, but when Roxi asked me to review their clever electronic Jukebox, it struck me that I have someone far more qualified to review it. Enter Grumpy Dad! While my musical expertise ends at singing in the shower and occasionally poking the piano in the hope that I might have magically learnt how to play overnight. Grumpy Dad is a genuine musician (he hates it when I call him that), and a music enthusiast. He has played in a number of bands […]

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Review: Bidvine the easy way to find services and trades

Finding a Piano teacher in Swindon with Bidvine

What is Bidvine Bidvine is an online resource for finding services of every kind, from cleaners, to tradesmen, to music teachers. The service works by making your job request available to service providers, giving them the opportunity to contact you with a quote via Bidvine. Bidvine is free to customers requesting a quote. My Review of Bidvine One of my biggest pet hates is trying to find services providers and tradesmen. The internet seems to be a minefield of unreliable or disreputable companies and navigating it is a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. In the past few years I’ve had […]

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