How to untangle Japanese knotweed from your house move

Japanese knotweed

There’s no doubt about it, moving home is stressful. There’s the mad dash to find your perfect home, the worry of getting a mortgage, the mountain of increasingly puzzling paperwork, and the nightmare of packing years of accumulated junk into a tiny van. The last thing you need while all this is going on is to discover that one little plant could call a halt to the proceedings. What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species which unsurprisingly came from Japan. The plant was brought to Europe in 1850’s as a curiosity and from there made its way […]

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Top tips for gardeners who can’t garden

Grumpy Mum Reviews: Tips for gardeners who can't garden, feature image

It’s the middle of winter and no one really wants to be thinking about gardening, but spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get planning if (like me) you want to get your garden in order this summer. My gardening woes When Grumpy Dad and I bought our home in summer 2016 we were both excited about having a garden again after so long. We rushed out to buy a composter and started making plans to dig vegetable patches, install a path, and completely overhaul the front yard. Fast forward to today and the composter is […]

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