Baby’s grand nursery tour

Baby's grand nursery tour

When you’re expecting your first baby, one of the most exciting jobs to look forward to is decorating the nursery. Nearly every expectant mum in my pregnancy group spent hours planning their baby’s first bedroom, pouring over paint, obsessing over furniture, and deliberating whether to buy the circus or the zoo themed accessories. My experience was slightly different. Although I could plan to my hearts content, I was unable to put any of my plans into action because we were also expecting to move just a couple of weeks before my due date. This less than perfect timing meant that […]

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Creating our cosy child friendly living room

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When we moved into our home back in 2016 we loved the layout and location, but we weren’t as keen on the cream carpets, pine laminate flooring, and wall to wall magnolia. So, ever since we have been waging a war against the bland décor. What I disliked about the living room When I think of a living room I think of somewhere cosy, where children and the occasional adult can comfortably play on the floor, a place which is warm and inviting, and somewhere that you can turn the lights down and watch a good movie. Our new living […]

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Review: Make My Blinds – Online Store

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Blinds can make a big difference to a room, whether as standalone window dressing or in conjunction with curtains, but getting the right blind can be hassle. If you buy them in a standard size you will be limited in design and may have to spend hours cutting them to size, whereas if you buy them from a bespoke blind fitter you may need to re-mortgage to pay the bill! For this review I’m testing out Make My Blinds, an online store selling made to measure blinds in a wide variety of styles and designs, which won’t break the bank. […]

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Home buyers beware: Things to look out for in your new home

Buying a house is one of the most expensive and stressful things you can do but on those days when your solicitor is ignoring your calls and your completion date is slipping off into the sunset, you can at least console yourself that once the keys are in your hand everything will be plane sailing. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. It doesn’t matter how new your house is, how experienced a buyer you are, or how carefully you inspected your new home, there will always be snags and nasty surprises. When Grumpy Dad and I moved into our […]

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Designing My Perfect Me-Space

Designing my perfect me-space

When we moved from my one bed flat to our four bed house last year, the thing that excited me most was that I would now have an office of my own. The kids would all have their own bedrooms. Grumpy Dad would build a cabin in the garden to use as a music room, and I would have the dining room to turn into an office of my own! Unfortunately, a year later the cabin isn’t finished and my office is Grumpy Dad’s music room and a general dumping ground for things that are still in boxes. But that’s […]

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Making a house a home – A decorating diary

Making a house a home

Not long ago I wrote about the nightmare that is moving home and all the pit falls that come with it. But what happens after you’re in? Sure, in the estate agent photos you’ve been poring over for months the house looks perfect. But lets be honest, the reality is usually a house with peel wallpaper and paintwork that looks as if it were applied by a 5 year old in the dark. Our own move was around 10 months ago now. In many ways we were very lucky, the previous owners didn’t appear to be aware of any colour […]

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