Designing My Perfect Me-Space

Designing my perfect me-space

When we moved from my one bed flat to our four bed house last year, the thing that excited me most was that I would now have an office of my own. The kids would all have their own bedrooms. Grumpy Dad would build a cabin in the garden to use as a music room, and I would have the dining room to turn into an office of my own! Unfortunately, a year later the cabin isn’t finished and my office is Grumpy Dad’s music room and a general dumping ground for things that are still in boxes. But that’s […]

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Making a house a home – A decorating diary

Making a house a home

Not long ago I wrote about the nightmare that is moving home and all the pit falls that come with it. But what happens after you’re in? Sure, in the estate agent photos you’ve been poring over for months the house looks perfect. But lets be honest, the reality is usually a house with peel wallpaper and paintwork that looks as if it were applied by a 5 year old in the dark. Our own move was around 10 months ago now. In many ways we were very lucky, the previous owners didn’t appear to be aware of any colour […]

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Sweeping Autumn Tree Wall Sticker – Review

Tree Wall Sticker Review

What is it? The sweeping autumn tree wall sticker is a vinyl wall decoration for indoor use. About the product The first thing I should mention about this product is that I didn’t get what I paid for! I was under the impression I was buying a wall sticker from Design Devil, a UK company who make high quality wall stickers. Unfortunately their advert had been hijacked by a Chinese company who were selling cheap Chinese reproductions which are no where near the same quality. It is the cheap reproduction that I will be reviewing, however the design is beautiful […]

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