What’s in Baby’s 2017 Christmas stocking?

What's in Baby's Christmas stocking 2017 feature image

With just a few days left before Christmas day, I’ve been busy packing up Baby’s oversized Christmas stocking. Last year Baby was only 4 months old and tiny enough that she could have been squeezed into her stocking along with her gifts. She’s grown a lot since then and even if she hadn’t, there’s no chance that she would fit in amongst the huge haul of stocking stuffers she has this year! Related Post: Christmas gift guide for 1 year olds What’s in Baby’s stocking? Christmas Micky and Minnie Mouse Hallmark Itty Bitty’s I rarely buy Baby cuddly toys because […]

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Christmas Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Christmas gifts for 1 year olds

Christmas is my favourite time of year, and unlike most people I love Christmas shopping! The fact that I have my mane shop bought and wrapped by 1st of December probably has a lot to do with this. 2017 will be Baby’s second Christmas, which I find much more exciting than the first as she is now old enough to find the festivities exciting, even if she doesn’t understand them yet. Unlike last year, when Baby was a little lump cuddled up in her rocker. This year she is a little ball of energy who sweeps around the house leaving […]

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Review: The Cheeky Elf + Giveaway

Review: The Cheeky Elf

With Christmas just around the corner I’m starting to get excited about all the Christmas fun I can get up to with Baby this year. She’s still young but it’s never too early to start Christmas Traditions, so when the opportunity arose to review a Cheeky Elf starter kit I really couldn’t wait. About the elf tradition Back in the 2000’s the elf tradition was born. Suddenly households were buying their children unassuming toy elves which would magically (or through the hard work and planning of many a devious parent) come to life at night and get into all sorts […]

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Merry Christmas From the Grumpy Family

Merry Christmas from the Grumpy Family www.grumpymum.co.uk

Well, it’s 9am on Christmas morning and the Grumpy family are getting ready for a day of presents, naff Christmas TV and eating until we can no longer move. Hopefully you’re all enjoying the fun and stress of Christmas with your family, but wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing, the Grumpy Family wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Save Save

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Christmas Shopping Rage

Christmas Shopping Rage www.grumpymum.co.uk

This post may not sound Christmassy enough for Christmas Eve, but it was inspired by my visit to town just days before Christmas. Every year I meticulously plan my Christmas shopping, specifically so that I will not need to visit the shops during Christmas week, but this year something went horribly wrong. Three days before Christmas I discovered that Grumpy Teen and Child both have God sized Christmas stockings and I had not bought anywhere near enough stocking fillers to do the job. So, with panic in my eyes, I bundled up Grumpy Baby and headed into the hell that […]

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Beer52 Craft Beer Club – Review Part 1

Beer 52 Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

Follow my blog with Bloglovin About the product Beer52 is the UK’s top craft beer club. When you sign up you choose to pay monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly, you then receive one box per month including the “Ferment” magazine worth £4.99, a beer snack and 8 craft beers chosen by the Beer52 experts. The Review Back in the days before Grumpy Baby came screaming into the world, there was nothing that Grumpy Dad and I enjoyed more than heading up to our local ale pub on a Friday to try whatever they happened to have on offer. We […]

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Festive Christmas Sleep Suits – Pack of 3 – Review

Christmas Sleep Suit Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

About the product The three festive sleepsuits comprise of one gingerbread print sleep suit and one Christmas print sleep suit both with poppers down the front and bother legs, and one reindeer applique sleep suit with poppers down the front and one leg. They are 100% cotton, machine washable and come in sizes from “Tiny Baby” up to 3 years. Review Christmas is coming, so I thought it was time for some Christmassy reviews! My first task was getting Grumpy Baby in the Christmas spirit! I purchased the festive sleepsuits for Baby as I’m a self confessed Christmas nut and […]

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Christmas Keepsake Advent Calendar Tutorial

How to make a keepsake Christmas advent calendar

  Christmas always gets my nesting instincts twitching and this year is no exception, so with a new baby and a lot of time on my hands (Granted mostly taken up with nappy changes and feedings) I wanted to make a special keepsake for Grumpy Baby and an advent calendar seemed like the perfect thing. This tutorial will guide you through how to make your own keepsake advent calendar using easy to find materials. To make the advent calendar you will need A blank balsa wood advent calendar. These are easily purchasable online, mine was purchased from eBay White mount […]

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