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After the excitement of Baby’s first birthday, things are finally getting back to normal in the grumpy household. The decorations have now been taken down, the balloons are quietly letting themselves down in a corner, and the birthday cards will soon be packed up in a keepsake box, along with all the other knickknacks and bits and bobs that I’ve been squirrelling away as memorabilia from Baby’s childhood. I imagine that by the time I’m finished I’ll have enough junk to fill a museum so she had better do something to become famous! Having never been involved in the running […]

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12 things I’ve learnt in 12 months, A First Birthday Post

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

This weekend was Baby’s first birthday, I honestly can’t believe it! It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that she was a tiny squishy baby, and now she’s a larger, squishy, fast moving baby! People always tell you that the time goes so fast, but you never believe them until you find yourself saying the same thing. For me it seems particularly crazy as Baby has gone from not being able to crawl at all, to super crawling in the last week before her birthday and now she’s tentatively trying to pull herself up already! We decided that […]

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