5 Hair removal methods to try this summer

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Summer is on the way and as jeans and jumpers start to give way to skirts and strappy tops, it’s time to get into a pruning routine again. When I was younger, getting rid of unwanted hair seemed much easier, but one of the numerous side effects of getting old, is an increase in the quantity of unwanted hair sprouting up all over the place. So, if like me you are taking up arms (or razors) against your furry legs, and battling under arm fluff, here is a rundown of some the most popular hair removing products and treatments available […]

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5 unusual beauty treatments that really exsist

5 Unusual beauty treatments that really exist

Men and women have always been willing to do some very strange things to make themselves more attractive. From poking your face with needles to pouring wax on your body and ripping it off, hair and all. You have to wonder who came up with these treatments and how drunk the first person who agreed to undergo them was. Spurred on by celebrity endorsements, social media, and the hunt for the fountain of youth… or at least the leaky faucet of wrinkle banishment… The general public have become increasingly willing to try absolutely anything that promises to lift, firm, or […]

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