25 Sketches Challenge: Sketch 2

Sketching Challenge sketch 2 Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars

It’s time for sketch 2 in my 25 sketch challenge. I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy with my first sketch, I knew that it was no where near what I was capable of so before I started sketch 2 I spent some time watching others sketching on YouTube, just to remind myself of a few of the techniques that I had obviously forgotten. As a result sketch 2 looks like it was done by a different person! This time I chose Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars as my subject. I’m a big Star Wars […]

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25 Sketches Art Challenge, Sketch 1

25 sketches art challenge

Now that baby is nearly 8 months old I’ve found that I no longer need to watch her like a hawk 24/7, instead I can sit back, relax, and watch her like the crazy, obsessive woman that I am. As a result, a few of my pre-pregnancy hobbies have been making a re-appearance in my life. I’ve started playing the piano (very badly) again, I’ve been thinking about completing a couch to 5k on my much neglected running machine… although thinking is as far as I’ve got! and I’ve also decided to start drawing again. Back in the day I […]

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