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Tree Baner

What is it?

The sweeping autumn tree wall sticker is a vinyl wall decoration for indoor use.

About the product

The first thing I should mention about this product is that I didn’t get what I paid for! I was under the impression I was buying a wall sticker from Design Devil, a UK company who make high quality wall stickers. Unfortunately their advert had been hijacked by a Chinese company who were selling cheap Chinese reproductions which are no where near the same quality. It is the cheap reproduction that I will be reviewing, however the design is beautiful and I have heard very good things about the authentic product.

The wall sticker arrived rolled in a cardboard tube which contained the tree in several pieces, a roll of leaves, four birds, transfer film and some very basic instructions. It is your mission, should you choose to accept it, to work out how to put the thing up!

The Review

It would seem that you can’t have a nursery at the moment without having some sort of wall sticker. All of the expectant mums I know had bought them and while I don’t usually follow trends (It took me 3 years before I read Harry Potter because it was too popular) I have to admit that a pretty wall sticker really does look good in a nursery.

The instructions were very basic.

With that in mind I set about looking for the right one for Grumpy baby. I didn’t want anything too cute and childish as she will have to live with it beyond baby hood and after much research I found the Design Devils Sweeping Autumn Tree on Amazon. It was perfect, the company was in the UK and although they were more expensive than the ones produced in China, they also appeared to be better quality and easier to apply because of the exhaustive instructions, ample transfer film and squeegee applicator that was supplied with the sticker. Had I actually received the Design Devils wall sticker I imagine I would now be raving about it. Unfortunately at the time I purchased the sticker, the advert had been hijacked by a Chinese company who were selling fake copies of the original. This problem with the advert has now been resolved but I’ve learned my lesson, always check the sellers name when you are purchasing from the Amazon market place as things may not be as they appear.tree04

The wall sticker that I received in place of the one I thought I was purchasing was far from the easy to apply, stunning sticker I expected. On opening the tube I quickly realised that the exhaustive instructions I had expected actually consisted of one A5 sheet, I wasn’t too phased by this as it seemed quite straight forward but the next thing I noticed was a little more daunting… The tree, as expected, arrived cut into around 12 pieces. Most of these pieces were nondescript branch ends and none of them were marked in any way. In effect, I had bought a very large puzzle where all the pieces look practically identical. My next surprise was that only around a third of the transfer film that you need had been supplied. There was a small note on the instructions to say that the film could be used multiple times Tree without leavesbut once I started putting the tree up it became clear that the large piece used on the trunk couldn’t be salvaged to use again because it ended up stuck to itself as I peeled it off. This left me with about half a meter of film to apply all the branches, leaves and birds. Needless to say the film was looking very sorry for itself by the end and wasn’t very effective, although, this may have partly been due to me accidentally sticking it to myself, my socks and Grumpy Dad a couple of times.

The sticker buckled easily

Applying the tree wasn’t too difficult once I’d spent some time working out where the branches went, although there was a hairy moment when I thought I had applied one of the branches in the wrong place and as they can’t be removed once applied, this would have been a problem… Luckily I was wrong and it turned out to be correct. Unfortunately, even being careful, it was impossible to apply the tree without a few puckers. The plastic was very low quality and as a result, stretched in places even with the transfer film stabilizing it.

Leaf Close Up
The quality of the leaves wasn’t great

Moving onto the leaves, of which there were hundreds! I was again disappointed. Instead of the golden yellow leaves I had ordered, I received florescent yellow leaves that were similar in colour to a reflective workmans vest. Not exactly what I had envisioned but in this instance I counted myself lucky that the plastic they were made from was awful quality. As a result, the dark wall behind the leaves showed through the plastic of the sticker, knocking the colour back a bit and making the leaves far more palatable.Tree with some leaves

As I said there were hundreds of leaves and each one had to be cut out and stuck using a tiny piece of, now quite feeble, transfer film. This does take hours but its the sort of task that you can do while singing and dancing along to your favorite music… as long as there are no witnesses!

The final piece of the tree was the four flying birds that should be placed around the tree. It was when I got to these I realised that there was no chance that this was wasn’t a Cheap Chinese reproduction of the wall sticker I had intended to buy. In the words of Grumpy Dad, the birds looked more like half peeled bananas than doves. In an effort to Finished Wall Stickersalvage them I snipped away some of the plastic with some scissors to give them a slightly better shape but despite my best efforts one of the birds ended up in the bin and the other three are best described as ropy.

So, all in all, I’m not very happy with the finished product or the ease of application, but I have to admit that unless someone got right up close to examine it, most people would think the wall sticker looks fine.

What action did I take?

Finished Sticker

Despite how good or not the tree looked it was obvious that it was not as described and not the product I though I was purchasing so it was time to take action.

The first thing I did was contact Amazon to report the fake product. This was more difficult than it sounds and it took me a while to work out how get in touch with Amazon. In the end I found the option to speak to a representative via a instant messenger app. The pleasant representative informed me that in the first instance I would need to contact the seller, if it couldn’t be resolved this way then Amazon would investigate. I was slightly concerned that they didn’t seem to want to investigate a report of a fake product being sold but agreed to go away and contact the seller.

After I contacted the seller I waited a few days then tried again. After about a week with no response I contacted Amazon again. This time they were happy to open a case for me and within 3 days I had confirmation that their investigation had shown that the product I purchased was a fake that had been misrepresented and they would be refunding the cost of the sticker and the postage to me within a few days.

This was a really positive outcome and far easier to achieve than I expected. I have also since checked the product listing and the wall sticker is now once again being sold by Design Devils rather than a Chinese company pretending to be them.

How much does it cost?

Between £30 and £40 depending on your choice of colour.

Where can I buy it?

The actual product which I have heard good things about is available on Amazon via the link below, always ensure that the seller is Design Devil before purchasing.


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