So you’re offended

So you're offended by

I’ve recently had my most bizarre blog related experience yet. A woman I have know for over 30 years chose to publicly rant at me and then unfriend me on Facebook. The reason? Well, from what I could understand from her angry message, she didn’t like my blog.

This person isn’t the first to dislike my blog and certainly wont be the last, however I have to admit to being a little taken back by the bile in her reply to my review of the Waybridge in Swindon, considering she was in no way attached to the venue. In fact, to my knowledge she has never been there, however my reporting that the service and some of the food wasn’t up to standard really seemed to offend her.

Now, lets think about this.

I do share my blog posts on my personal social media, as I’m sure most bloggers do. However, I do not nag my friends to read it, I do not repeatedly ask them to like my page or join me on Twitter, nor do a hold a gun to their head and demand they spend their valuable time reading what I have written. So why, knowing from experience that she did not like the content of my blog, did this person continue to read it to a point where she felt she needed to explode at me for “slagging off” businesses before metaphorically slamming a door in my face?

My theory is that some people like to be offended.

I do not claim that I have never fallen into this trap myself as I know I have, but some people, on finding out that something offends them, will go out of their way to continue to be offended. Sometimes they will even go to lengths to track down something that might offend them to see if it does.

A fantastic example of this happened a few years ago. A radio presenter ran a feature in his show that offended one or two people. This was no big deal, however, those one or two people made sure word got out and as a result hundred of people went online to find a recording of the feature, just to see if they were also offended. They were, and it made the national news, causing the presenter to be fired. I’m not condoning the feature just suggesting that the people who sought out the recording wanted to be offended.

So, if my blog or my opinions offend. Please feel free to stop reading. Go to the park, make a cup of tea, or watch a movie instead. If you really want to let me know I’m wrong then put together an argument and feel free to leave a comment. I love a good debate and am quite open to having my mind changed. But if all you want to do is have a rant at how unreasonable I am or call me names then please know that this tells people more about you than it does about me.

I have to admit that I was a little offended by this persons lack of courtesy in the manner she drew my attention to the fact that she didn’t like my blog, but what am I going to do about it? Well, obviously I’m going to use it as inspiration for a blog post!

Steve Hughes, who I have had the pleasure to see live has a brilliant comedy sketch about being offended and I highly recommend looking it up on YouTube.



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  1. Aw hun some people are just like that! If she didn’t like your review of somewhere she should have just said that from her experience it was good service/food or whatever. She’s probably just jealous that you have an amazing blog 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Kayli 🙂
      I don’t mind people disagreeing with me at all and wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if she’d told me I was being harsh but the really funny thing is that she lives a considerable distance from me and has never been to any of the locations that I have reviewed, so of all the people I know she is the one who has least reason to be upset by my blog. Some people are just a bit odd *shrug*

  2. One of my mom’s friends tried to shame her on fb instead of walking across the street or picking up the phone. My mom unfriended her and texted her a good “fuck off” out of principle. Go and be offended, but if you have any self-respect or respect for your friendship, keep personal shit personal and not on fb (or any other non-face to face way)

    1. How awful for your mum! People like that are just desperately seeking attention and validation, otherwise they would actually speak to the person involved instead of virtually screaming it across a crowded room.

  3. People can be idiots. No, scratch that… if someone *can* be an idiot, they will be. I got loads of it over on my other blog – so much so that I disabled commenting.

    Like you, I’m more than happy to have an intelligent debate with people but the minute they start behaving like knobbers, I’ve had it with them.

    I completely agree with you about people liking to be offended… how else explain the continued success of the Daily Fail and The Telegraph? I think being offended is a national pastime!



    1. You have a very good point about being offended being a national pastime. I think there is also way too much mob mentality on the internet, one or two people are nasty and everyone else stops thinking and just goes with herd.

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