Slimming World Week 8: Post holiday lull

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My second week back from holiday and you think I would be back to normal but no such luck. Before my holiday choosing the right foods, cutting down on bread and filling up on fruit, wash second nature. This week it has been more of a struggle.

My biggest issue at the moment is bread. On holiday I allowed myself to eat as much bread as I wanted so going back to just one slice a day has been too much for me. As a result my daily Syns are hovering around 15 (ok, 15.5) and that’s just not where I want to be. Another of my problems is sweets. I have a very sweet tooth and going from indulging that to being satisfied with fruit or a hi-fi bar is a challenge. Despite this, towards the end of the week things are looking up. My Syns have decreased and and I’ve started to enjoy big bowls of fruit again. With luck I have pulled it back just in time!

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Next Weeks Goal

Given that this week has been anything but exemplary, I feel as if I need to decide on some goals for next week to so that I can refocus.

Next week I will try to:

  • Eat no more than 1 slice of bread per day;
  • Keep my Syns under 10;
  • Be more active.

These should all be fairly simple to achieve. Cutting down bread is a must. if I’m not eating so much bread I will eat less Syns, and I’ve started taking Baby to toddler groups and swimming so I have no choice but to be more active!

Slimming World week 8: Bread

Slimming World Week 8 Weigh-In

Despite my imperfect week I was feeling relatively confident that I hadn’t gained this week, even if I wasn’t sure whether I’d lost. I had a sneaky suspicion that I might have issues with water retention, or perhaps I just wanted to use that as an excuse “just in case”.

My confidence was shaken however when I nipped to the loo before heading out and discovered a massive tear in the tummy of my weigh-in trousers (the lightest ones I own!). For a moment I wondered if the tear had occurred because I had put on weight, but after a few crazy minutes I realised how silly I was being. The trousers had been getting much looser, not tighter so it must have been normal wear and tear. It did however mean that I would need to wear my heavier jeans to weigh-in…

Luckily, neither water retention or wardrobe malfunction seem to have hurt my weight loss this week and I was happy to receive a 1lb weight loss. I’ve now lost 8.5lbs and feel as if I’m well on my way to my first stone sticker!

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Slimming World week 8: The post holiday lull and bread is a problem.

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