Slimming World Week 9: Takeaways

Slimming World weight loss journey, week 9: Takeaways - feature image

This week has been a bit of a train wreck diet wise. So many things have gone wrong and I’ve ended up making excuses for eating the wrong things and nibbling, nearly every day!

It all started on Saturday…

The Takeaway Exemption

We don’t have takeaways often in our house. In fact, they usually only happen once a month or less… This Saturday was one of those rare occasions when Grumpy Dad said he didn’t want to cook, so we ordered in. I did think about having a chicken salad instead of the yummy pizza everyone else was having but then I realised that this would be counter productive. Yes, I may fail to lose weight this week, but if my diet isn’t sustainable then there is no point being on it as I will just put the weight back on once I get to target.

Instead, I’ve decided that on the rare occasion that we go out for a meal or get a takeaway, I will eat what I want. I won’t put unrealistic restraints on myself as in the long run, this will just make my weight loss impossible to sustain.

Slimming World weight loss journey, week 9: Pizza

From Bad to Worse

Pizza aside, I’ve really struggled on a daily basis this week. My hormones have been going crazy, the heat has made me grumpy, and I’ve been stuck indoors waiting for parcels. All this has resulted in me seeking the comfort of chocolate and ignoring last weeks decision to cut back on bread.

On the bright side next week should be much better. The temperature is set to become a little more manageable and I’m planning to get out and about with Baby most days. I can also feel my hormone levels returning to normal so the urge to eat sweets and chocolate are easing.

Sewing My Way Thin

One major change in the past few weeks has been my decision to start sewing again. I began sewing while I was in college, and even made corsets for a short time in my early 20’s. But I stopped for one reason or another having never actually made anything for myself!

I’ve now dug out my sewing machine and am working on my first ever dress just for me! I’m planning to sew myself (and Baby) and new wardrobe as I lose weight as an incentive to keep going.

Slimming World weight loss journey, week 9: Sewing

Slimming World Week 9 Weigh-In

Given how much rubbish I’ve eaten and how little exercise I’ve done this week I really wasn’t expecting to lose any weight. In fact, I fully expected to gain weight this week, so I actually exclaimed “bloody hell!” when I was told I’d lost 1lb!

This now brings me up to 9.5lbs lost and I’m starting to get excited at the 1 stone milestone which now seems very much within my reach. This is what I’m going to focus on next week. I’m going to remind myself how much I want the 1 stone sticker and how much close that will get me to my 10% goal. Fingers crossed, if I have a good week I might be able to bump my weight loss to 2lb.

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Slimming World weight loss journey, week 9: Takeaways!

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