Slimming World week 3: Peaks and troughs

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With any diet you can expect good days and bad and this week has had both.

At the beginning of the week I was excited. I’d tried on a pair of my small size 18 trousers and they fit perfectly. This was a good sign that I would soon be in a size 16. I had also started to feel less hungry, as if my body had adapted to the change in diet from processed food and sweets, to fresh food and fruit.

Unfortunately the weekend was a turning point. Child wanted to go to McDonald’s, so I reluctantly decided to have a Happy Meal. Now this in itself is positive as I would usually have a large quarter pounder, or a large chicken nugget meal, possibly with a regular cheese burger on the side. Given my usual order I was surprised to find that my chicken nugget happy meal did fill me up, although I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually would and I certainly wasn’t happy with the Syn overspend.

The rest of the week I was careful to stick within my Syns as I didn’t want going over to become a habit. Despite this, by the end of the week I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about a weight loss. The previous 2 weeks I’d always felt like I’d lost weight and been able to walk to weigh-in fairly confident that I would have a loss. This week, although I thought my face looked a little thinner I wasn’t certain of a loss.

Slimming World week 3: Fruit

Slimming World weigh-in #3

When I arrived at weigh-in this week I was braced for a bed result. I didn’t think I’d put on weight, but I wasn’t convinced I’d lost weight either. As a result, I was over the moon when I found out I’d lost 1.5lbs! The same result as last week and a very good one.

I have now lost 6.5lbs and only have 0.5lbs to lose before I get my first ½ Stone sticker. I never would have thought a sticker could be very motivational but I’m desperate to get it next week!

Looking to week #4

Next week will be the end of my first 4 week block and as it currently looks like I’ll have lost half a stone by then, I’m really happy with the results the Slimming World diet is giving me. I’m also excited that next week I will be taking my first comparison photos. For this I’ll be trying on my wedding dress (any excuse). I’m hoping to see a difference but I guess we’ll see!

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