Slimming World Week 2: No flip flops for me!

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After my successful loss of 3.5lbs last week I was unexpectedly subdued. I still don’t really understand why. After all, I should have been over the moon with the result. Still, despite my mood I settled down to another week on Slimming World.

Week 2

This week was far easier in many ways as I already knew which of my favourite foods were free and the Syn counts for my favourite pointed foods. I’ve found that I’m eating bucket loads of fruit and yogurt, and filling myself up on jacket potatoes and baked beans. Bacon and eggs for breakfast is also a common occurrence as is big salads.

Unlike last week I haven’t been ravenous all the time. I’ve eaten big healthy meals but I’ve stopped being hungry between meals and Sometimes I’ve skipper meals all together because I wasn’t hungry. That’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing. I have had a few cravings for crisps and other pointed food, but I’ve easily been able to hold back when I’ve had to.

Slimming World week 2: Fruit

The biggest challenge I faced this week was the bank holiday. We went to a fair on the Sunday where I would have usually been tucking into hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream. This time however I left that to Grumpy Dad and instead took a picnic for Baby and I.

I was surprised to find that the sandwich I had packed, which would have been a daily occurrence before Slimming World, didn’t really do anything for me… I also found that I was hungry again not long after eating it. Luckily I had some syns left so Baby and I shared a Twister ice lolly. Next time I think I will pack a salad.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been slowly trying all of the Slimming World Hi-Fi bars and this week I stumbled across the mint chocolate one which tastes exactly like a viscount biscuit! This is now my favourite treat ever and I’m doing my best to save syns so that I can treat myself to one with a cup of tea after Baby has gone to bed (Baby also likes them dammit!)

In addition to my naughty food cravings, this week I’ve started to feel the pull of the bathroom scales. I know that both my sets of scales are fairly inaccurate and unreliable but it’s just too tempting to hop on in the morning to check they’re showing a downward trend. This week they’ve been telling me I’ve lost about 2lb so I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that they’re correct. I certainly feel like I’ve lost more weight. My size 18 jeans feel a little looser, and I’ve been able to comfortably wear my small size 18 trousers, which I’m sure I couldn’t have a couple of weeks ago. Grumpy Dad has also commented that my face is looking a little less puffy… He didn’t quite put it like that as he still has some will to live.

Slimming World Week 2: Tape measure

Slimming World Weigh-in: week 2

I was fairly nervous going to weigh in this week. I was hopeful for a good loss but equally I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much in case I only lost 0.5lb. I was however fairly certain I had lost this time.

When I arrived at weigh-in something amusing struck me… Absolutely everyone except me was wearing a variation of the same the same outfit which consisted of Lycra leggings, thin T-Shirt, and flip flops. I watched as those getting on the scales all removed their shoes and every piece of clothing they could without being indecent. I can’t help thinking this is overkill, but what do I know, I’m only on week 2!

I hopped on the scales wearing a regular T-shirt, trousers, and shoes, and despite this I had lost 1.5lb! I’ve now lost a total of 5lb and while I was a little disappointed not to lose 2lb (If only I had removed my shoes) I’m very happy with how things are going and keeping my fingers crossed for another loss next week.

Are you on Slimming World? I’d love to hear about your journey.

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