Slimming World week 1: Not another diet!

Slimming World week 1: Feature photo

For the past two years since Baby was born all I seem to do is start diets. There was my first attempt to join Slimming World online which left me fuming, my disastrous experience with Lighter Life which left me in need of medical treatment, and a whole host of calorie counting and food optimisation attempts which just left me hungry.

With all that in mind, I was hesitant to announce “another” diet attempt, as I really don’t like failing, particularly in public. But after seeing my wedding photos I felt very disappointed in myself and my size 18 figure. I can’t change what’s gone before, but I can change what I do from this point on and I will be losing those lbs this time!

What I have learned from all of my attempts is that, while I have lost weight on my own before, I don’t currently have the right mental attitude to go it alone. It’s for this reason that I’ve joined a local Slimming World group.

Slimming World Week 1: Grumpy wedding photo

Joining the group

I’ve chosen a morning group in the hopes that it will be quieter and full of stay at home/work at home mums. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The group is apparently one of the busiest of the week and only had a very few mums, none of which stayed for the group. Despite this, it’s still the most convenient for me.

My first impression of the group was one of chaos. The room wasn’t really big enough for everything that had been laid out and the huge curling line of people waiting to be told their fate. I managed to find someone who appeared to be a helper and she directed me to a cramped corner where I was to sit and await the meeting organiser.

I found the sign up meeting made me cringe a little. The meeting organiser was friendly enough but she was a little over familiar and presented some of Slimming Worlds more money grabbing policies (such as having to pay for missed meetings, what the heck is that about!) as if it was the group doing me a favour. I smiled though it though and at the end was handed a small pack of books and told to wait in the huge line to pay my membership fee and get weighed. 

By this point Baby had well and truly had enough, so there was no way I would be able to stay for the meeting. I grabbed a couple of boxes of Hi-Fi bars (Slimming World cereal bars) and a magazine and trundled off to get weighed.

Slimming World week 1: Fruit

My first week on Slimming World

My initial weigh in was much worse than I had expected, leaving me with 5st8lb to lose (although, both my scales have me weighing 7lb less than the slimming world ones…). This did however make me more determined to lose the weight and after reading the huge number of success stories online, I’m confident I can manage it within a year. But let’s get back to my first week.

On most diets I’ve tried, I’ve found myself feeling very hungry. In fact, after a couple of days I’m just about ready to chew my own leg off and that results in me binging. Slimming World is different. As long as I chose things from the extensive list of free foods I could eat as much as I wanted. This made things much easier but I’m slightly alarmed that I’ve found myself eating more than usual, rather than less. But this is apparently quite normal.

Generally the whole week was plane sailing and became easier rather than harder, the longer I followed the diet. That being said, I did have one bad day on Monday thanks to Baby keeping me up all night. On any other diet this would have broken me. I would have found myself comfort eating and gorging on chocolate. Luckily on Slimming World I could eat some of my favourite comfort foods and ended up having a big Syn free fry-up first thing in the morning which kept me going and stopped me from falling off the wagon.

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My first weigh-in

I was surprisingly nervous as I headed to my first weigh in. Part of me was sure I’d lost weight but as my scales don’t seem to agree with the ones at the group, there was no way for me to check. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that maybe I had over eaten and actually gained!

As it turns out I had a respectable loss of 3.5lbs, meaning I have 5st4.5lb left to go. Still, for some reason I feel deflated. Perhaps it’s because I’ve struggled with my weight for so long that I just don’t trust the weight loss. I’m not quite sure, but I’m hoping that if I get a good loss next week I will feel more optimistic. In the meantime I’m trying to be happy that I’ve lost a quarter of a stone.

Slimming World week 1: Goal setting

My goals

In the past I have to admit that I have been focusing on what I don’t want. I don’t want to be fat, I don’t want to be a size 18, I didn’t want to be a plus size bride, I don’t want to worry about my blood pressure. This is silly as I know that thinking negatively is the opposite of helpful. This time I’m giving myself a very firm talking to and keeping my thoughts positive.

So, my goals are:

  • To fit into my old size 10 clothes (only 4 sizes to go!)
  • To feel healthier and have a healthy blood pressure.
  • To start some sort of exercise regime, for now this will likely just be walking.

Obviously, Slimming World counts Lbs lost, but I’m more excited to see dress sizes lost. I have bags of clothes in sizes 10 to 16 which currently don’t fit, so these will be my incentive. I have sorted all of my size 16 clothes into a suitcase and put it at the end of my bed. The bag includes lots of crop trousers, sun dresses, and shorts so I’m hoping to fit into them before the end of the summer. Once I do fit into these clothes I will be sending all my size 18 clothes to charity as I will NEVER be wearing them again!


Have you tried Slimming World? Please comment below, I would love to hear your story.


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  1. That is a great first week loss. I started sw 3 weeks ago and have lost 9lb in total so far, can’t get my head around eating lots so I am limiting the carbs a bit but Ithink that is wrong!! Only 3 stone to go!

    1. Ha! I know the feeling. I’m eating like a horse, but it’s working 🙂
      I think it’s important not to limit any of your free food unless you stop losing. The food is free because it’s so filling so if you limit some of it you’re probably making your life harder than it needs to be.
      Let me know how you get on with the remaining 3 stone! 😀

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