Roxi Electronic Jukebox – A Grumpy Dad Review

Review: Roxi Electronic Jukebox


Here at Grumpy Mum Reviews I always try to give the best balanced and informative reviews I can, but when Roxi asked me to review their clever electronic Jukebox, it struck me that I have someone far more qualified to review it. Enter Grumpy Dad!

While my musical expertise ends at singing in the shower and occasionally poking the piano in the hope that I might have magically learnt how to play overnight. Grumpy Dad is a genuine musician (he hates it when I call him that), and a music enthusiast.

He has played in a number of bands including Bateleurs and The Southern Harmony, and has even appeared on stage at Glastonbury! He’s currently working on a new endeavor as a singer / songwriter, but has agreed to take some time out to write this musical review for me. Who knows, he may even become a regular contributor!

Review: Roxi Electronic Jukebox

Grumpy Dad’s review of the Roxi Electronic Jukebox

The Roxi Electric Jukebox is an innovative, upstart music entertainment brand, building music streaming products, content and experience for the home – all designed to help bring families together… at least that’s the claim, but does it deliver? Lets see…

On first inspection the product itself looks neat and well designed and sits nicely alongside our other electronic devices. The unit itself is tiny, measuring approx. 13x13x2cm. In the box you also get the gesture based controller which has a built in microphone, a power adapter, HDMI cable to connect to your TV and a USB cable to charge the controller.

The packaging boasts a 2 minute set up and to be fair that’s about how long it took me. Simply plug into your TV, connect to your Wi-Fi and enjoy 29 million songs, including all the latest hits.

Review: Roxi Electronic Jukebox

The system itself takes a couple of seconds to load up and then you’re away. The interface is big, bright and clear and is very much in the style of a games console. The controller is ‘gesture-based’ so it’s like a Wii remote, which makes it very easy for all ages to navigate around the various menus.

In their blurb, Roxi make a really valid point that families are currently underserved by other music streaming services which don’t inspire parents and children to connect and bond together through music. I can absolutely relate to this as Grumpy teen doesn’t go anywhere without his headphones, yet I have no idea what kind of music he is into. When I was a teenager my parents were only too aware of my music tastes, even if it was a bit ‘way out’ according to my Dad.

In an effort to bring families together the first menu choice you see is ‘Party’ mode. Within Party mode there are three main options. The first is ‘Sing with the Stars’ where you use the built in microphone to sing along, karaoke style. This is a fun little game, the only draw back being that you sing along with the original track, rather than to an instrumental as you would with karaoke. This could be remedied quite easily by including karaoke tracks in it’s database. The second option in Party mode is ‘Name that Tune’ where you score points by naming the tune in the shortest possible time. The third option is ‘Party Play Lists’ which feature pre-selected play lists such as ‘Ladies Night’ and ‘Lets Get The Party Started’. This feature would be really useful if you were hosting house party.

Review: Roxi Electronic Jukebox


With the games out of the way, lets move onto the main point of Roxi – the jukebox. In this regard Roxi operates much like other music streaming services in that you can search for artists or tracks, search by genre, era, mood and make your own play lists. The best bit about the search function is undoubtedly the voice search, where you simply tell Roxi your chosen artist or track using the microphone, and the system goes and finds it for you. Without a keyboard this is a much needed feature. It doesn’t always work perfectly and the results can be hilarious but even still, it’s better than using the on screen keyboard. Roxi claims access to virtually unlimited music, somewhere in the region of 29 million tracks. I tried to test Roxi using some fairly obscure artists, but it came up trumps.

Roxi also includes some extra features such as radio stations, sound machine and photo frame, which connects to Facebook and allows you to view photos on your TV.

So what’s the verdict? Well, as a user of other streaming services I can definitely say that Roxi does everything they do and a little bit more. The games are fun and the wavy controller makes it simple to use for the whole family. The only thing to bear in mind is that the music is played through your TV so providing you’ve got a decent sound system it’s going to sound great. All in all, if you’re looking for an alternative to other streaming services, and you want to inspire a love of music in your family, you won’t go far wrong with Roxi. So, does it deliver on it’s claims? Yeah it does.

If you would like to try Roxi for yourself you can find more details on their website

Do you want a way to enjoy music with the whole family? Check out this review by Grumpy Dad of the Roxi Electronic Jukebox to see how it can get you listening, playing, and singing together as a family.

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