Holiday road trip survival guide

Britax Road Trip Survival Guide

I don’t often post content that wasn’t written by myself but I’m making an exception today because these tips from Britax are remarkably handy as we draw into the summer holidays. So, if you are embarking on the endurance test of a long road trip with children during the holidays, keep reading for tips on how to keep them happy, entertained, and slightly less feral.


Half term is upon us and with many families packing up their cars and setting off on day trips or for a staycation, Britax Romer has put together some top tips to help make travelling with a little one as smooth as possible, because we all know it can be a bit daunting!

Britax Road Trip Survival Guide

1) Games and gadgets
Classic car games are perfect for entertaining children, and the oldies are still the goodies. I-spy and ‘spot the yellow car’ are great games to bring fun, and a little competition, to any car journey. However, if hours of travel games begin to take their toll on your sanity, portable DVD players or tablets will help to occupy their attention and bring some golden silence to the back seat. Just remember to pack headphones, a stash of DVDs and to make sure all devices are fully charged before you set off.

2) Preparation is key
Make sure you prepare in advance for a long journey with children and babies. Nothing will exacerbate stress more than being unprepared. From packing the car the night before and making sure that all car seats are correctly fitted ahead of the journey, to making sure you have a good awareness of the route your taking – it all helps on the day.

3) Hey Mr DJ!
Prior to the trip, put together a family playlist with a few of everyone’s favourites to keep the whole family happy – that way there won’t be too many nursery songs or dad’s ‘golden oldies’ on repeat. A wide variety is good, and don’t worry, your little one won’t judge your taste or vocal abilities!

4) Comfort is key
We all know that comfort equals happiness no matter what your age, so bring any favourite teddies, pillows and blankets to make the car as snug as possible for your little ones. Ensuring you have the right car seat is also vital, and there are many online tools to help, including Britax’s Fit Finder, which takes into consideration car type, as well as your child’s age and weight. For younger babies, Britax’s new BABY-SAFE i-SIZE provides the best in safety and comfort, and is even available in two new summer colours, Coral Peach and Lagoon Green – the perfect road trip essential!

Britax Road Trip Survival Guide

5) Service stations are your friend
Take breaks! It’s recommended that your child has frequent breaks during car journeys and smaller babies should only be sat in a car seat for a maximum of two hours. Use this as an opportunity to get out of the car, take in some fresh air and stretch your legs. Maybe even stop for a snack and a cuddle – especially on long journeys.

6) Food glorious food
A hungry traveller is seldom a happy traveller. Bringing a good spread of snacks or pre-prepared bottles will keep tummies full and keep mouths and hands busy too. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, as once the food is finished it’s likely your little chatter boxes will be back in action once again.
For more information on safe travel with your child, visit:

Are you headding out on a long car journey this summer holiday? If so, check out these survival tips from Britax for ideas on how to keep your children happy.


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