Review: Wedding Planner by Rachel Ellen

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

About the Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner

The Rachel Ellen Design Wedding Planner is a hard back wedding planner with a beautifully designed, decadent cover and gold coloured wire binding. The front page comprises of a check list outlining all the major jobs up to 12 months before the wedding, this then leads into a budget plan, guest list and table plan. The rest of the planner is split into sections including Step by Step planner, Styling and Stationary, Venue and Catering, The Bride to Be and Suppliers and Contacts, with two zip lock sleeves at the back for receipts and samples.

The wedding planner can also be purchased with other matching items including a A6 Brides Notebook, where you can keep track of anything which doesn’t belong in the main planner.

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

My review of the Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and brides everywhere are praying for good weather on their special day. Yes, it’s wedding season and while this years brides are heading to the alter, next years brides are running around like headless chickens trying to book venues and caterers before all the most desirable dates are snapped up.

Appropriately today I am reviewing a gorgeous wedding planner from Rachel Ellen designs. So, why on earth do you need a wedding planner? Well, if you have already started your wedding planning journey then you will be well aware of the huge amount of organisation that goes into those few hours when you say “I Do”. There are countless little things to sort out, quotes to chase up and bookings to keep track of, and if you’re anything like me you will want to keep things organised so that you don’t turn up on the day only to realise that you forgot to book the disco.

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

Aside from the practical aspects, a wedding planner can also be a wonderful keepsake and reminder of the exciting run up to your wedding, so you want a planner which is both practical and beautiful and this one does both jobs with style! I often receive products to review which have varying levels of wow factor but I can honestly say that this wedding planner is the first item that I’ve unpacked which has left me gushing about how pretty it is. It’s obviously been designed with great care, the paper is thick and every single inch of every page has been designed to be beautiful. The hard cover is made out of a very sturdy card to ensure that it will stand up to a whole year of heavy use and book has been spiral bound with a gold coloured wire to make it easier to write in while not detracting from the look. It really is a beautiful thing.

As much as I love the keepsake aspect of this planner it would be useless if it wasn’t also useful. Luckily it has that angle covered too!

The front of the planner is given over to the bare essentials of wedding planing, with the very first page designed with a handy tick sheet of jobs and roughly when you should be doing them. If you’ve never been involved with a wedding before and don’t have any idea where to start, this gives you a “paint by numbers” wedding planning schedule. Following on from this there’s space to outline your wedding budget compared to your actual spend in an attempt to keep you on the budgeting straight and narrow, although it’s more likely to be the reason why you get drunk on your hen night! The last item at the front of the book is a fantastic pull out guest list where you can list not only guests but their RSVP, if they brought a gift etc. and a seating plan to help you negotiate the delicate business of ensuring people who hate each other are far enough apart to prevent world war three.

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

Once you are past the essential details the planner is then split into 5 sections to help you efficiently plan your wedding.

Step By Step Planning – This section is perfect for women who can’t even leave the house without a To Do list (like me!) the section has plenty prettily decorated pages to write your To Do’s, To Buy’s and To Contact’s. In fact there is almost enough room to have one list for every week of the year leading up to your wedding.

Styling and Stationary – This section is your scrap book with plenty of pages to fill with doodles, notes and magazine clippings.

Venues and Catering – This section will help you to organise arguably the most time consuming part of wedding planning. Finding the perfect venue and caterers is a nightmare and involves contacting a huge number of venues and caterers and scribbling down complicated quotes only to realise three days later that you’ve miss-placed the old envelope you scribbled one of your shortlisted venues onto. This section has clear areas to add all the most important details of your quotes into so that you don’t miss something vital, along with plenty of space to scribble the more specific quote details.

The Bride to Be – The stereotypical bride is always depicted as being infatuated with the idea that the wedding is her special day and it’s all about her… Well, if you are that type of bride you’ll be glad to know that this section really is all about you, or more specifically, this section provides ample room to add your thoughts regarding your dress, hair and makeup.

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

Suppliers and Contacts – This would hardly be an efficient wedding planner if there wasn’t a section to record all of your important contacts and this is the place to do it. Whether you need to keep track of your classic car hire agency or a fire eater, there is plenty of room for all your essential wedding contacts.

The planner is finished off with two zip lock pouches which can be used for receipts or bits of fluff that you’re sure you had a reason for collecting at the time.

I really do love this wedding planner. It has ample space for all your wedding planning details while also being a elegant keepsake. My one criticism would be that there isn’t anywhere to just scrawl notes but even that has been thought of in the form of a matching A6 Brides Notebook which can be purchase alongside the wedding planner. The Brides Notebook is made with the same attention to detail as the wedding planner, right down to the edges of the notebook being painted gold to match the pattern on the cover, and it is the perfect size to slip into a bag or pocket so that you can keep it with you at all times, just in case.

Rachel Ellen Wedding Planner Review

You can purchase both the Wedding Planner and the Brides Notebook on the Rachel Ellen website.

Planning a wedding is hard work and keeping all of your notes, quotes and contacts in order can be a challenge but the Rachel Ellen range of wedding planners not only provide you with an effective way to keep things in order but also make beautiful keepsakes. Check out my review now for more information.

*This post was written in collaboration with Rachel Ellen however all opinions are my own.




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