Review: WaterWipes baby wet wipes

WaterWipes baby wet wipes review

About WaterWipes

WaterWipes are a chemical free wet wipe which uses only water and a drop of fruit extract. The lack of chamicals means that they are considered safe to use from birth by most and may help prevent skin conditions such as nappy rash.

My review of WaterWipes

It’s fair to say that most first time parents have no idea how much having a tiny human will change them and their lives. The impact of bringing a life into the world is massive but one of the biggest surprises has to be exactly how much time you suddenly spend thinking about, talking about and dealing with poop. It’s a subject that comes up constantly from the moment you wake up and wonder whether you have to deal with poop straight away, to the blow by blow account of the days poop that you give your partner the moment they walk through the door.

This being the case it will come as no surprise that I’ve reviewed my fair share of nappy changing products, but WaterWipes are the first wet wipes on that list.

WaterWipes were a hot topic when I was pregnant. With nappy changing advice ranging from, you must clean your baby’s bottom with a tiny piece of golden fleece dipped in the tears of 30 angels, to, just use normal wet wipes, it will be fine. WaterWipes seemed to be a good middle ground as they have no chemical additives or moisturisers but they are considerably easier to use and carry than a bowl and a packet of cotton wool (which is a pain in the bum for breaking into pieces and sticking to babies nether regions)

Although WaterWipes are specifically designed for baby bottoms, there aren’t many parents who don’t use wet wipes for other things such as baby face and hands, removing food from clothes, clearing up a messy high chair, or doing a full spring clean. Wet wipes really are that useful. As such when testing WaterWipes I decided to test them on several fronts. Face cleaning, highchair cleaning and baby bum cleaning, when compared to another leading sensitive wet wipe.

Baby all set for a nappy change using WaterWipes

The first thing you notice about WaterWipes before you even use them is that although the wet wipe sheet is just like any other wet wipe sheet you can tell that they are purer. It’s difficult to put into words how but they have the crispness you expect with water, where as the other wet wipe feels as if it has a moisuriser base. Which you prefer is down to personal taste but for me it was the WaterWipes.

The first test was to clean Baby’s face and hands after her morning porridge. Despite loving porridge, Baby does still manage to get the sticky concoction all over herself every morning so wet wipes are essential unless I want to give her a bath. In this test I found that WaterWipes seemed to grip the porridge and remove it slightly better, particularly from little fingers which didn’t want to be cleaned.

On to the highchair test and while both wet wipes made short work of the food splatter, I felt that the other wipes had the edge when it came to removing porridge which had welded itself to the plastic tray.

The final test was the bum test. WaterWipes preformed very well at this leaving Baby’s bottom clean and fresh and ready for nappy cream, where as the other wipes seemed to leave Baby’s nethers quite damp with what I assume was a misturising agent which made it more difficult for the nappy cream to go on well. I would say that WaterWipes did struggle slightly more than the other wipe when faced with a very sticky poop, which required several more WaterWipes to remove.

WaterWipes baby wet wipes review

All in all, I thought WaterWipes were a very good product. They are an excellent alternative for people who want to use the water and cotton wool method but don’t want the mess and inconvenience and they are great for anyone who objects to the use of chemicals or is concerned about their babies delicate skin. I certainly would not hesitate to use them again.

If you would like to know more about WaterWipes you can visit the WaterWipes website or you can purchase them through Amazon using the link below.


When you have a baby you suddenly spend a lot of time thinking about and dealing with poo, so it's important to have the best tools to hand when shit litterally happens! Check out my review of WaterWipes chemical free baby wet wipes and how they match up to other sensitive baby wipes.


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  1. These are the most natural wipes you can find. Just look at the ingredients in some of the other baby wipes and google them – that will freak you out a little. These are literally water and a tiny plash of fruit extract. I’ve used turn for 2.5 years with 2 kids and never had diaper rash.

    1. Hi Kim, I totally agree. If you want a product which is as natural as can be then WaterWipes are the one for you and as they work brilliantly they really are the best wet wipes you can buy.

    1. Oh my goodness, perhaps they are allergic to the fruit extract? I would certainly be popping to the Dr. to get her checked for allergies and contacting Water Wipes in case it’s a contaminated batch.
      I hope your little one feels better soon x

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