Review: Silly Billyz Bibs+ Giveaway

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

About Silly Billyz

Silly Billyz is an online retailer specialising in a wide variety of bibs but also selling related baby products such as hooded towels, bath robes, stroller liners, and blankets.

For the purpose of this review I will be reviewing the Red Heart Towel Bib, which currently retails at £5.95.

My Review of Silly Billyz Bib

Since Baby started weaning over 6 months ago, I have been fighting a losing battle to keep her clothes clean. It should be so easy, use a bib and the clothes stay clean. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience. Although I have tried a number of different bibs the outcome has always been baby clothes stained with bolognese and blueberries.

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

I fully expected my experience of Silly Billyz bibs to be exactly the same, so I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Red Heart Towel Bib. The bib features a reversible design which can either be used with the towel side out, or reversed to provide a wipe clean outer surface. The neck is fastened by stiff poppers which are adjustable to give two different neck widths, while the front of the bib has a clever elasticated section which sits snug to your baby’s neck, preventing food from dribbling under the bib. The bottom of the bib is finished with a reversible pocket, which prevents food from slipping down the bib, into your baby’s lap.

Until I received this bib I had all but given up even trying to protect Baby’s clothes. Baby is an accomplished escapologist and has a tendency to work out how to remove a new style of bib within days. Velcro is no match for her, overhead bibs are slipped off easily. Even disposable bibs with sticky tape fastenings are no match for her! However, the Towel Bib has so far stood up to Baby. The stiff popper fastening holds tight against her pulling and yanking and so far, she has been unable to remove it.

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

On the rare occasions in the past that I have been able to convince Baby to wear a bib, it still hasn’t guaranteed clean clothing as I’ve found that most bibs gape at the neck. Despite my best efforts it really isn’t unusual for me to find a stray blueberry or piece of sandwich inside Baby’s clothes, which completely defeats the point of the bib. However, I found that the Towel Bib solved this issue too. The soft elasticated section on the front of the bib sits snugly against Baby’s neck preventing food and even dribble from escaping under the bib. This isn’t something I have seen on bibs before, which is remarkable as it is so simple, yet effective. Baby also seemed perfectly comfortable with the snug fit, thanks to the soft towel.

The bib wasn’t entirely without fault. I found that the towel, while soft and pretty, was difficult to get clean after having blueberries smooshed into it. I would say that this is partly my fault as I should have used the wipe clean side for food I thought might stain.

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

Apart from the one, very minor drawback I’m thrilled with this little bib. It works far better than any other bib I have purchased and solves the two main reliability issues that I have suffered with other bibs.

You can purchase the Red Heart Towel Bib, along with a large range of other bib styles on the Silly Billyz website.

Who is this for?

Anyone with a baby of weaning age or a messy toddler.

What does it do well?

The Towel bib works better than any other bib I have tried at keeping food from slipping down Baby’s neck. It’s also very difficult for a baby or toddler to remove without help, making it much better for those of us with escape baby’s!

What could be improved?

I don’t see any way this bib could be improved.


Competition Time

Silly Billyz have provided a Red Heart Towel Bib to be won by one lucky Grumpy Mum Reader. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter panel below for your chance to win!

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

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Find out why the Grumpy Family loved Silly Billyz Bibs and why they are more effective at saving baby clothes from food stains than any other bib I tested.




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  2. Wash off the food as quickly as you can and treat the stain with vanish or soda crystals before putting in as hot a wash as the garment can handle.

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