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LeapFrog Goodnight Light Review by Grumpy Mum Reviews

About Scout’s Goodnight Light

Scout’s goodnight light is a chunky space themed torch recommended for children between 9 to 24 months. The torch has two projection options. The first is a projection of planets which doubles as a low light torch, the second option projects a colour changing number and star light show onto the ceiling.

The night light also has two sound options which comprise of 10 or 20 minutes of lullabies or ambient sounds. These can be muted or set too two different sound levels.

LeapFrog Goodnight Light Review

Review of Scout’s Goodnight Light

As Baby is just approaching 6 months I wasn’t sure how much enjoyment she would get out of this light. Being well under the age bracket meant that using the torch herself wasn’t an option but I quickly realised that this versatile little nightlight has plenty of features for her to enjoy.

LeapFrog Goodnight Light ReviewI really love the design of this little nightlight which is fun, bright and practical. All the buttons are easy to press and a good size, the handle is both chunky and easy for little hands to grip and the space theme is really well incorporated. Even the sound switch is in the shape of a little planet! The nightlight also has a nice stable base making it fairly difficult to knock over.

The one feature Baby couldn’t use was the classic torch feature. The handle of goodnight light has a big yellow button on it which when pressed, results in a projection of planets which can either be pointed at a wall or uses as a torch. I didn’t think that this feature was as impressive as the night lights other features as the illumination is rather feeble. You wouldn’t want to relight on it in a blackout, but I’m sure a toddler who is nervous of the dark would find it reassuring.

Baby testing the LeapFrog Goodnight LightThe feature that Baby and I both really enjoyed was the multi-coloured light projector. This feature projects a brilliantly bright image of stars and numbers onto the ceiling where they change colour in a soothing rhythmic way. To access this feature you press the red button on the front of the nightlight. In addition to being far more attractive than a number of more expensive projectors I’ve bought for baby, the Goodnight Light also has a timer allowing you to set it to a 10 or 20 minute program by repeatedly pressing the red button to cycle through options. I love this as it means that if I forget about it, it will turn itself off.

LeapFrog Goodnight Light torch function

Obviously no night time toy is complete without its own set of lullabies and the Goodnight Light is no different, although unlike many nigh time toys it has the addition of an ambient noise setting. I admit that I wasn’t a fan of the lullabies on this toy, but I love the ambient noises and found them very soothing, Grumpy Dad on the other hand found the ambient sounds drove him slightly loopy (they didn’t have to drive him far) and although the torch has 3 sound settings, mute, low, and high, I think there is room for another setting in between mute and low.

LeapFrog Goodnight Light projector function

All in all I really like the Goodnight Light, it’s well designed and made and I can see it keeping Baby entertained for a long time to come. It’s a little difficult to assess whether it helped Baby to sleep or not as being a 6 month old she can be rather temperamental in her sleep patterns… I do sometimes wonder if she has a sixth sense for when I really am tired and would like her to go to sleep so that I can collapse! Either way, Baby did seem to enjoy the bedtime light show.

You can find out more about Scout’s Goodnight Light on the LeapFrog website.

Does your baby have a light projector for bedtime? And does it help them sleep?


The LeapFrog Goodnight Light is a versitile nightlight and torch for babies, toddlers and children 9-24 months. In this review I take a look at the various sound and light functions with the help of my chief tester, Grumpy Baby.


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