Review: Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boots

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If you’re a child of the 80’s you probably owned a pair of roller boots. Mine were a snazzy black pair with fluorescent panels and wheels. I’d spend hours zipping up and down the path behind my house until my legs hurt from bumping along the uneven pavement.

30 years later, both my skill and stamina have abandoned me, but that didn’t stop me from strapping a new pair of Rookie Retro V2 roller skates to my feet and stumbling outside to see if I’ve still got got it…

About the Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boots

The Rookie range of roller boots are designed in keeping with the 90’s style and are mostly made in bright colours or designs reminiscent of 90’s trainers. The Retro V2 are an eye catching red with white stripes.

Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boot

Technical Specifications

  • Wheels: PU cast 58x32mm 80a (60mm on UK 6+)
  • Chassis: Nylon chassis
  • Trucks: ACS 430 aluminium w/ PU cushions
  • Toestop: PU toe stop
  • Bearings: Abec 7

My Review

With so many fond memories of skating when I was younger, I found the idea of owning skates again beyond exciting. I had visions of using them for exercising, or taking Child to the local roller disco (Yes, Roller discos are back!).

Rookie Retro V2 Roller Skate Badge

When my Rookie Retro V2’s arrived they didn’t disappoint. The boots felt sturdy and well made and their bright red colour and white stripes were a blast from the past… I think I may have had a matching shell suit!

The boots had a good weight, not too heavy, but heavy enough to feel sturdy and the matching bright red wheels moved easily. While I know very little about skate wheels, the ones provided felt like an indoor wheel to me, fairly soft with lots of grip for smooth surfaces. However, it was very easy to see how you would go about switching them for a harder, outdoor wheel.

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I had ordered my boots a size larger than my regular trainers as I usually wear ice skates a size larger. I’m glad I did as the size 5 was a perfect fit and very comfortable. I had hoped that skating would be like riding a bike. I can assure you it isn’t! I hobbled and slid around the kitchen and garden with my bum stuck out and arms waving frantically! Despite this the Retro V2’s glided across the ground smoothly, taking me along with them whether I liked it or not. I’m sure that if I had shown any sort of proficiency I could have managed a fair bit of speed. As it was, I fell over twice and decided that I most definitely didn’t still have whatever “it” was.

Despite my rather appalling lack of anything approaching skill, I absolutely loved these boots. They look great and move wonderfully. Given a tone of padding and a helmet, I’m sure I could get the hang of them again, however for now I think I’ll keep my feet on solid ground.

Rookie Retro V2 wheel art


  • Bright eye catching design.
  • Smooth wheel action.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Wheels may wear quickly with outdoor use.


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Take a trip down memory lane with this review of Rookie Retro V2 Roller Skates.

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