Review: Nuk Annabel Karmel food pots and spoons + Giveaway

Nuk Annabel Karmel spoon and pot review

About the Nuk Annabel Karmel stackable food pots and spoons

The Nuk Annabel Karmel food pots come in a set of 6 including 3 different sizes, green is small, orange is medium, and purple is large. Each pot comes with a lid which can also be attached to the bottom of the pot to give it better stability. The pots are all marked with measurements to help you control portion size and are suitable for freezing, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Nuke Annabel Karmel spoons come in a set of 5 including 2 colours, orange and green. The spoon trough is soft and spatula shaped. Each spoon has a built in spoon rest, soft grip handle and is dishwasher safe.

Nuk Annabel Karmel spoon and pot review

My Review of Nuk Annabel Karmel Stackable food pots and spoons

As Baby has just started weaning I was very excited to have the opportunity to test Nuk’s stackable pots and spoons. Both products have a bright clean design, clear packaging and look great. The spoons, however, were my absolute favorite. I love the soft spoon tip which none of my other baby sNuk Annabel Karmel spoon and pot reviewpoons have. I was able to give Baby the spoon to play with (Under supervision) so that she could get used to it before I introduced food and as she’s teething, the first thing she did was pop it in her mouth to have a good chew. Because the spoon tip is soft she loved chewing it, so when it came time to add some rather smelly puree to the mix, she opened her mouth with no hesitation.

The shape of the spoon is also a really well thought out. Instead of being the regular oval shape it ends in a flat, spatula shape. This not only means that there’s no “pokey” bit on the spoon but also that I can wipe escaped food off of Baby’s chin with it and pop it straight back where it belongs. As Baby hasn’t quite figured out how to swallow yet there’s an awful lot of escaped food to rescue… or maybe she just doesn’t like puree peas!

Baby having her first look at Nuk's Annabel Karmel spoons and potsThe good design of these spoons doesn’t just end there. The spoon also has a inbuilt spoon rest, just below the trough, which means that you can put the spoon down without getting brightly coloured puree gunk all over your table or germs from the table on your spoon, win win.

The Nuk pots are also a really nice design. I was very impressed that the lids also attach to the base of the pot… not only ensuring you don’t misplace them or knock them on to the floor when you’re out and about, but also making the pots a little more stable, which is always handy when you have a feeding baby waving her arms about. The pots come in three different sizes with measurements on the size so you can easily fill them to the desired level for your baby and see how much they have eaten. They’re also freezer safe, so you can fill them with your home made puree and freeze it so that your baby doesn’t have to have the same puree cauliflower every meal, as lets face it, no-one would enjoy that!

Baby trying her first baby rice using Nuk Annabel Karmel spoonI’ve mostly used the pots for warming puree and I’ve found them really good for this. I can fill them, pop on a lid and then drop them in some warm water for a few minutes which worked a treat, but they’re also microwave safe if you’d prefer. Both products are also dishwasher safe which will save on cleaning time… Although if you want to keep the set looking bright and new for longer, it is better to hand wash in hot soapy water.

I think it’s fair to say that I love both of these products. The person who designed them really did have a great understanding of the trials of weaning and as a result has created two products that are simple, yet do everything they should brilliantly and look good to boot. Also, at around Β£3.99 for 6 pots and Β£4.50 for five spoons, you can’t say they’re not good value for money.

You can learn more about the Nuk Annabel Karmel range on the Nuk website.

Giveaway Time

Nuk have very kindly given me a set of Annabel Karmel spoons and pots to give away to one lucky reader. To be in with your chance to win simply complete as many or as few of the Rafflecopter actions below as you wish. Each action will result in 1 ticket in the giveaway draw.

Nuk Annabel Karmel spoon and pot review
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  4. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days a new winner will be drawn.
  5. The blog owner is not responsible for prizes lost on the post.
  6. The prize is one set of 5 Nuk spoons and one set of 6 Nuk pots as photographed above.
  7. Anyone identified as using multiple accounts to gain extra entries will be disqualified.
  8. If you enter by following an account you must still be following when the the giveaway is drawn or you may be disqualified.

Nuk's Annabel Karmel pots and spoons ar brightly coloured brilliantly designed baby weaning accessories that won't break the bank. Read my review of their unique features and what Baby thought.




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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing the little screwed up face after all my hard work mixing up lovely homemade soups haha!
    I am excited to wean my little boy, I can’t wait to see if he is fussy or not.

  2. My little one is now 4 so weaning was a while ago now, but baby number two is due in 2 weeks, so Im looking forward to starting again in 6 months, I really loved making my own purees πŸ™‚

  3. I have weaned three sons and found it all really easy but then i enjoy food and cooking.My granddaughter will be weaning soon so hopefully she will enjoy a variety of tastes too

  4. It’s a long time ago now, but I did like the expressions she pulled when trying new tastes. A friend has it all to come though, so this would be for her.

  5. This would be for my BFF’s son Jake πŸ™‚ I enjoyed seeing my daughter grow bigger, and really get pleasure from food!

  6. Ive got three children my youngest is 10 weeks and can’t wait to wean her, m other two loved trying new foods I enjoyed the food raspberries that they use to blow πŸ™‚

  7. I can’t wait to see how my granddaughter will react to different foods, and to see the expressions on her face. Hoping she will be a good little eater

  8. Watching her little face when she tried new flavours and textures was lovely and often funny. The fish puree was memorable.

  9. Child enjoying variety of foods, textures etc. It is also nice to see child become more independent by building up skills of using cutlery.

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