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Pearls are my favourite jewel, after diamonds of course! They’re elegant, timeless, and extremely tactile. So, when Nude asked me to take a look at their pearl collection I was more than happy to oblige.

About Nude pearl jewellery

Nude use freshwater cultivated pearls in several different sizes and colours for their handmade jewellery. Each earring or necklace is set in either silver, gold, or rose gold and can either be ordered from their catalogue or their London boutique if you have something unique in mind.

The items I will be reviewing today are a pair of medium ivory pearl earrings and a large ivory pearl single drop necklace. Both are in a silver setting.

My Review of Nude pearl jewellery

I think it’s fair to say that pearls have suffered a lull in popularity since the 80’s, but the recent vintage movement seems to have rekindled their waning attraction.

As I’ve never been one to follow fashion too closely (or at all!) pearls have never lost their appeal for me and I’m particularly excited to review these pearls as I will be wearing them on my wedding day.

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My experience of the Nude website was good overall. It loaded quickly and there was almost too much choice with pearls available in different colours and sizes, and with fixings in different metals. In the unlikely event that they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can also contact their boutique. Given such a vast amount of choice it took me quite a while to settle on a set of stud earrings and a drop pearl necklace.

Nude jewellery packaging

Although the website loads quickly and is well stocked, I do feel that it would benefit from a re-design as it seems a little basic. A better website would have the advantage of providing a better customer experience, while also giving customers a better appreciation for the fact that they are buying a luxury product and more buying confidence.

When my jewellery arrived, I couldn’t fault the theatre of the packaging. I had expected a rather dull little box, or perhaps a pouch. Instead I received an elegant branded gift box which, when opened, unfurled to reveal a good quality branded necklace box. I absolutely loved this extra attention to detail and the sense of occasion that it created.

The pearls themselves were also impressive. I have had many cheap cultivated pearls in the past which have had growth marks and a pill shape, but my Nude pearls, while organic in shape, were lovely a rounded with no bumps or rings at all. The only fitting description for them is beautiful.

Nude jewellery pearl earring and necklace set

My favourite of the two pieces is the earrings. They are light, delicate, and thoroughly lovely. They are also some of the most comfortable earrings I have ever owned! I am allergic to most metals, with the exception of gold and silver, and tend to also have a reaction to cheap gold and silver jewellery. I’m glad to say that despite wearing these earrings all day I had no reaction at all, which is proof enough of the metal quality.

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While I loved the pearl pendant on the necklace, I did find the necklace itself a little too light and thin for my taste. That being said, this is a case of personal preference as I like my necklaces to be robust.


Nude provide both a generous selection of pearls and a quality product. The jewellery itself is top notch and the packaging it is shipped in creates a sense of occasion above and beyond what I expected. I do feel that the website could be improved upon and I would like to see an option to add a heavier chain to the necklace, but overall I feel that Nude pearls are excellent quality and good value for money.

Visit the Nude website to view their pearl collection.


  • Highly customisable
  • Excellent quality pearls
  • Luxury packaging


  • Website design could be improved to mirror the luxury of the product
  • Necklace is very thin

This is a review of Nude jewellery's gorgeous pearl jewellery collection

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