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Blinds can make a big difference to a room, whether as standalone window dressing or in conjunction with curtains, but getting the right blind can be hassle. If you buy them in a standard size you will be limited in design and may have to spend hours cutting them to size, whereas if you buy them from a bespoke blind fitter you may need to re-mortgage to pay the bill!

For this review I’m testing out Make My Blinds, an online store selling made to measure blinds in a wide variety of styles and designs, which won’t break the bank.

Buying Experience

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never bought made to measure blinds before. I’ve always bought my blinds off the shelf and spent hours of my life trying to re-size them. Most recently I bought 5 wooden blinds for my new house, all of which had to be cut to size, an endeavour which took Grumpy Dad and I hours. In fact, we have one remaining blind which we just can’t bring ourselves to fit! So, on being asked to review Make My Blinds I was excited at the prospect of having a beautiful blind without the extra work.

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The Make My Blinds website is very easy to navigate, which includes simple instructions on how to measure and fit your blind, and a well laid out catalogue of options.

I would be ordering a new kitchen blind as Grumpy Dad and I are planning to refit the kitchen next year and are sorely in need of inspiration. After a quick look at the measuring guide, I was able to work out the size of blind that I would need in just a few minutes.

"Nina Shadow" Make My Blinds fabric swatch

One of my favourite features of the Make My Blinds website is that when I entered the dimensions I required, the catalogue immediately rearranged to show me the styles and prices available at a glance. This meant that I didn’t need to waste time going into the product information just to find that the blind wasn’t available in the size I wanted, or was out of my budget.

Choosing my blind was however, more difficult than I had expected, due to the sheer volume of colours and patterns available. I counted well over 200 and found myself struggling to decide for over a week before setting on the “Nina Shadow” design. The grey and silver of the pattern really caught my eye and as Grumpy Dad and I always end up including grey in our decorating (No matter how many times I say no grey in the next room we decorate) it seemed a safe choice.

In addition to size, you can also choose whether the blind will be recessed and which side the cord will sit.

The Make My Blinds Product

My blind arrived within a few days, much faster than expected, and was very well packaged, which is always a good start! The quality was good overall, I really like the heavy blackout fabric used in the blind itself. This will be perfect for the summer as our south facing kitchen can become intolerably hot and bright. The quality of the blind mechanics was also good, I particularly liked that it had a metal chain instead of a cord. Although, the plastic roller did have a few rough patches which I would have liked to see cleaned up before the blind was shipped.

"Nina Shadow" blind in position in the Grumpy Mum kitchen


On opening my blind I found some very sparse instructions on fitting, which would have been quite daunting to someone who had never fitted a blind before. Luckily Make My Blinds have a comprehensive guide to blind fitting, which is easy to find on their website. I just wish I had remembered that it was there!

Despite me lapse in memory, fitting my blind was fairly simple. Requiring little more that the two small brackets to be lined up and screwed into the window recess (or the outside of the window). I was surprised to see that appropriate screws and wall plugs hadn’t been supplied. This is not a big problem, but it did mean a trip the DIY shop for supplied.

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All of the blinds that I’ve fitted in the past required a certain amount of persuasion to get the roller into position, and once in, getting the roller back out again has required a screwdriver and a little force. As a result, I was delighted to see that the Make My Blinds design includes a retractable pin on one side. This means that fitting the roller couldn’t have been easier, and removing it for dusting will be a breeze.

Make My Blinds, blind bracket fitting


Make My Blinds is an extremely user-friendly service with an excellent selection of designs, at a reasonable price. The blinds are made with good quality material and the mechanics are above average.

Who is Make My Blinds for?

Make My Blinds is for anyone who would like beautiful blinds without the premium price tag.


  • Lots of choice
  • Easy to order
  • Arrives quickly
  • Good quality


  • Screws and wall plugs not included.

Ordering new blinds may not be the most interesting job in the world, but with Make My Blinds you can get a premium product without the premium price.

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