Review: Hape Bunny Push & Pull

Review: Hape Bunny Push and Pull Toy

About the Hape Bunny Push and Pull

The Hape Bunny is a toddler toy recommended for 12+ months and designed to encourage walking. The brightly coloured bunny and the handle are both made of wood with one plastic connector to link the two handle sections. The bunny itself is very easy to push, with two large wheels and moving arms which raise a wooden carrot to the bunny’s mouth as it is pushed along. The bunny’s ears are connected by elastic so they can move when pulled on.

Review: Hape Bunny Push and Pull Toy

My Review of the Hape Bunny Push and Pull

As this is Baby’s first Hape toy I wasn’t sure what to expect when it arrived but I was very pleasantly surprised.

The toy arrives in 3 parts, the bunny, which is prettily painted in pink and white, with large wheels and a cute little bunny face. It has ears which are attached with elastic so they give when pulled, as I discovered when Baby decided that the left ear looked delicious and should be nibbled at the first opportunity! The front paws of the bunny clasp a little orange carrot which lifts to the bunny’s mouth in a pleasing motion as she is pushed along. The two remaining parts are two halves of the handle which connect with a pink plastic bolt and is about arm length.

Review: Hape Bunny Push and Pull Toy

The toy as a whole feels very sturdy and well made, it moves beautifully and is perfectly painted. However the thing that struck me most was that every part of the push along toy which could have reasonably been made from wood, was. This means that the toy feels more substantial, unlike it’s plastic counterparts which are thrown away when damaged, this is the sort of toy you would bother to fix.

The push along bunny’s composition does have one further advantage. With the increasing awareness of the damage plastics may be doing to our environment, many people are advocating a return to wooden toys whenever possible. This means that the bunny makes an excellent environmentally friendly toy option.

Review: Hape Bunny Push and Pull Toy

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Baby has yet to take to two legs. Instead she prefers to rock back and forth on her bottom in an effort to will herself to where she wants to go. Despite this she was instantly captivated by the look and feel of the bunny and made every effort her little body could manage to follow as I wheeled it around her. I certainly think that as soon as she chooses to get up and about, she will happily run around with her little bunny, knocking things over and banging into shins. Until then, bunny will remain an incentive to try just that little bit harder to get mobile.

I usually try to present a balanced review, highlighting any suggestions for improvement, however, in this instance I really am stuck to think of anything. If I really reach I could suggest that the pink detailing may put off some parents of boys, but as most parents now agree that pink and blue shouldn’t be exclusive to boys or girls, I really would be grasping at straws.

Review: Hape Bunny Push and Pull Toy

You can purchase the Hape Push and Pull Bunny on Amazon via the link below.

The Hape Bunny Push and Pull toy is a 12+ month wooden toy designed to encourage babies to walk.

*This product was provided for review but all opinions are my own.

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