Review: Dribble Stop Tops + Giveaway

Dribble Stop Top Baby clothes review

What are Dribble Stop Tops

Dribble Stop Tops are baby vests made in sizes 0-24 months which have a inbuilt waterproof layer across the chest that has been designed to prevent dribble rash. All fabrics which lay against baby skin are 100% cotton, with 95% cotton trim. The pocket itself is cotton backed.

The vests come in packs of 2, in blue and white, pink and white and just white.

My review of Dribble Stop Tops

I first heard about Dribble Stop Tops from a fellow blogger who had recently tried & loved them. I immediately thought they were a fantastic idea so when I was contacted about trying them I jumped at the chance!

Baby has been teething, without any teeth actually making their promised appearance, for several months now and as a result everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of drool. Being constantly covered in various bodily fluids is just one of the glamorous side effects of deciding to have a baby, but while I can wipe the dribble off of myself, the furniture and random passers by who enter into the spit radius, it isn’t anywhere near as easy to keep Baby’s clothes dribble free. Over the months I’ve tried changing Baby’s clothes every time they get too soggy, but as teething has progressed the amount of dribbling Baby does has increased to a point where I’d be changing her clothes hourly. I’ve also tried bibs to keep her clothes and skin dry, but they are either too loose to be effective, or too uncomfortable for her to tolerate for long. In either case, Baby seems to think that they are chew toys so they quickly become soggy and then we’re back to square one. So, until now I have been left with the choice of having an uncomfortable Baby because she’s wearing a bib which is bunching up around her neck, or an uncomfortable Baby because the constant moisture against her skin gives her dribble rash.

Dribble Stop Top Baby clothes review

The Dribble Stop Top takes a completely new approach to preventing the constant deluge of dribble from irritating baby skin by building protection into the lining of a seemingly normal baby vest. The vest itself is extremely well made and I don’t say that lightly. The fabric is a lovely good quality cotton and the stitching is just about perfect, I can’t say that about most of my clothes let alone Baby’s! The shoulders have poppers on either side which allow the neck line to be snug, preventing dribble running under the vest, but apart from this slight variation the vest looks perfectly normal from the outside.

Inside the Dribble Stop Top is where the real difference lies. The front of the vest has a lining across the top which sits snugly across Baby’s chest and prevents the dribble from reaching her skin. The inside of this lining is made from the same lovely cotton as the rest of the vest, with the opposite side made from a fabric very similar to a thin towel, between the two is a thin waterproof membrane which prevents moisture from seeping all the way through. When I received the Dribble Stop Tops I did have a few reservations about this. I was concerned that the waterproofing would make a crackling sound in the same way plastic backed bibs do when they are scrunched, but this was a completely unfounded concern as the waterproof membrane is not only silent, but also very supple so it bends and moves with your baby easily. My other worry was that the internal bib would make the vest tricky to put on and less comfortable for Baby once it was, but again I was proved wrong. The vest went on with exactly the same amount of arm waving, wriggling and objection as any other vest I attempt to maneuver Baby into and once on Baby seemed perfectly happy and didn’t seem to notice the extra lining at all.

Dribble Stop Top Baby clothes review

Most importantly, in addition to being well made and comfortable, the Dribble Stop Top did the job it was made for and sis it well. After an entire day of wearing the top Baby’s chest was entirely dry, despite her usual non-stop drooling and quite a sizable amount of time spent doing very wet, dribbly razzes.

Dribble Stop Tops are a little more expensive than your average vests but it really is a case of, you get what you pay for. The tops are very well made and the design does what it’s supposed to without compromising on comfort. My only recommendation would be to buy a size larger than you need as Baby has only just turned 6 months and is already filling out the 6-9 month tops.

If you would like to learn more about Dribble Stop Tops or place your order, please visit the Dribble Stop Top website.

Competition Time

Dribble Stop Tops are kindly offering one lucky reader the chance to win a pack of tops in. Simple complete the Rafflecopter form below to be in with your chance to win!

Dribble Stop Top Baby clothes review
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Dribble Stop Tops are an inivative baby vest design which prevents dribble and drool seeping through baby clothes and causing dribble rash. In this review I test the tops and give you my verdict.

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  1. My grandson likes to drool all over his hands and then grab my glasses! Streaky smeared glasses all the time! lol

  2. My Health Visitor – she had just returned to work from maternity leave and was wearing a lovely white silk shirt – first visit, first day – mortified!

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