Review: Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Options Gift Set + Giveaway

Dr. Browns newborn gift set review and giveaway

About Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Options Gift Set

The Dr. Brown’s deluxe gift set includes everything you will need to start bottle feeding your newborn.

The pack contains a microwave steriliser and tongs, 3x 270ml bottles, 2x 150ml bottles, level 1 teats for all bottles, 2x level 2 teats, 2x level 3 teats, 2x travel caps, and bottle brushes.

The bottles included are part of the Dr. Brown’s Options range which allow you to use the bottles with or without the anti-colic vents.

Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveaway

My Review of the Dr. Brown’s Options Gift Set

When Baby was born she had awful trouble with trapped wind. Night and day I would spend hours walking up and down patting her back, trying to dislodge an illusive uncomfortable burp. I would be rich if I had bought shares in Infacol! At the time I hadn’t hear of Dr. Brown’s vented baby bottles which are well know for being specifically designed to reduce the amount of air that feeding babies take in. But I have since heard so many good things about them that I was delighted when Dr. Browns asked me to try their Options gift set.

Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveawayWhen I received the set I was surprised that the box it came in was so tiny. I couldn’t believe that there were 5 bottles, cleaning equipment and a steriliser inside, but as it turns out the steriliser is a Tardis. Despite it being compact, everything in the kit fits easily inside. this makes it perfect if you’re heading away for a few days as all of your feeding equipment will take up next to no space at all.

The steriliser itself fit easily into my average sized microwave and worked a treat. has a cleverly designed tray which allows you to stack the bottles for sterilising in several different ways, depending on how many you intend to do at a time. This is very clever but I did find fitting all of the bottles in at the correct angle to be a little like playing Tetris. I imagine this is one of those things that gets easier with practice, but until you get the hang of it there is a few handy diagrams in the instructions to help.

Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveawayOnce I had washed all of the bottles in soapy water and sterilised them it was time to look at the bottles themselves. All of the bottles are fitted with a size 1 teat which is fairly standard with all new bottles. You do also receive 2 of each size 2 and 3 teats so that you can test the flow, but you will need to buy more teats once your baby is ready for them. I would have been lovely if a full set of teats for each size was included but so far, every starter lit I’ve looked at does the same.

The bottles provided in the gift set are Dr. Brown’s Options bottles which include their amazing anti-colic vent which can be removed once your baby no longer needs it. I love this idea as the vent does require a little more attention to cleaning and although Baby had terrible trouble with trapped wind when she was tiny, at 6 months she is now adept at clearing wind by doing loud, man sized burps. As a result I can use the bottles with the vent removed if I wish. For the purpose of this review I will be using the bottles with the vent installed.

For the best results Dr. Brown’s recommends that you make your usual formula by stirring rather than shaking. I, like most mums, tend to practice my cocktail shaking while making bottles (sometimes this involves dancing) but as shaking results in lots of tiny air bubbles in the milk it defeats the object of preventing wind. Once the formula is made you insert the vent into the neck of the bottle and then screw on the cap.

Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveawayIt’s worth noting that unlike some other brands, both the small and large baby bottles hold a decent sized feed and so can be used well past 6 months. Given that baby bottles are rarely cheap this is a definite bonus. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to retire half of your bottle set after 3 months.

As feeding comfort goes, I really loved Dr. Brown’s bottles. Other bottles I’ve used have had a vent in the teat, which have to be positioned facing up. This has meant that the ergonomic bottle shaping has been in the wrong place and during night feeds when I only use a night light, I’ve struggled to find the vent, causing Baby to fuss because I’m dangling the bottle in front of her but not letting her drink. I’ve had none of these problems with Dr. Brown’s. Because of the unique venting system I’ve been able to hold the bottle however I please without worrying about venting.

Baby tucking into yummy formula thanks to Dr. Brown'sI also love the Dr.Brown’s teat, which has a wide shelf at the base which created a really good seal between the bottle and Baby’s lips. This was very noticeable as Baby has a very strong suck reflex and usually makes all sorts of lip smacking sounds while she drinks. With Dr. Brown’s bottles, there was hardly any of this.

The only fault I found with the bottle was that it seemed to leak when I turned it up. I found this quite strange given how well respected the brand was and concluded that I must have put the bottle together incorrectly. A little investigation and I realised that I had completely missed the big friendly message telling me that if I filled beyond this point the vent may leak. Oops! Needless to say the next bottle I made did not leak at all.

Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveawayOf course the reason most people choose Dr. Brown’s is because they reduce wind and can help with the dreaded nightmare that is colic. I can confidently say that after using these bottles I did notice a significant difference in how much air Baby was swallowing. She was still burping after feeds but instead of the glass shaking man burps she had been doing, they were dainty lady-like burps. So quite a marked improvement.

All in all, I really liked this set. It’s good value for money and if I could go back in time and buy these for Baby from day one, I would. Perhaps then she wouldn’t have suffered quite so much with painful trapped wind. The bottles do have their disadvantages. They are more labor intensive to clean, but they do come with the proper tools for the job and I found that as long as I rinse them as soon as I had used them the additional cleaning time was minimal.

If you would like to learn more about Dr.Brown’s and their products you can visit the Dr. Brown’s website.

Win a Dr. Brown’s Options Deluxe Gift Set

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Dr. Brown's newborn gift set review and giveaway


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Dr. Brown's is a well known and loved anti-colic baby bottle brand. This review is of their new newborn baby gift set including 5 bottles, a steam steriliser and all the cleaning tools you will need.

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  1. I’d love to win this for my friend who is expecting, it’s her first and she’s terrified of getting everything wrong and I can imagine her freaking out Iver loud long burps! So your comment of them getting less air while drinking sounds perfect for her!
    Thanks for the chance x

  2. I’d be thrilled to win for my niece. She is having her first baby soon and has very little money to spend on essentials. We’re all chipping in but this prize would be lovely.

  3. i used dr Brown bottles with both my kiddies and they worked wonders. I am currently pregnant with my third children due in 28 days and counting haha. I would love to win these for hims i can use Dr Brown Bottles again

  4. I would love to win because y friend is expecting her first soon after just one year of IVF -she was very lucky -however being a mum who has seen colic with mine, I want her experience to go as swimmingly as possible ! also if her baby does get colic it might be Aunty Kim who is called upon to help out so it would be for selfish reasons too!

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