Review: Chimasu Subscription Box + Giveaway

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review

About Chimasu Subscription

Chimasu is a subscription box bringing snacks from all across Asia right to your door. You can purchase  a subscription on a month by month basis or on a term of 3, 6, or 12 months to receive a discount. Each box is customisable allowing you to choose which type of snacks you would like to receive and all products are clearly marked in English with nutritional values and ingredients.

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review


My Review of the Chimasu Subscription Box

The fun thing about subscription boxes is that you never know what you’re going to get, every box is a surprise but in the case of the Chimasu box I have to admit that I was afraid that the surprise would be a little scary! Authentic Asian cuisine can be very different to the tastes that we enjoy here in England and I was concerned that these snacks would be a step too far for my taste buds. Luckily my taste buds were safe. While some of the snacks were, shall we say interesting, they were all pleasant with many of them leaving me cursing Chimasu for introducing me to yummy new nibbles that I would now have to hunt down in this country.

When the box arrived I was surprised by how big it was and even more surprised by how much yummyness had been crammed in to it. Chimasu promise to fit in at least 12 snacks, which is pretty impressive! My Chimasu box contained a bit of everything, so it had a wide variety of sweets, seeds, crisps, fruit products, and noodles.  But when you order your box you can specify which type of products you would like to receive from an exhaustive list of biscuits and cakes, crisps, candy, nuts, peas and seeds, noodles and soups, teas, fruits and seafood (such as prawn crackers). You can also specify whether you are vegetarian and provide any additional dietary requirements to ensure that you always get the perfect snacks.

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review

My absolute favorite product was Yan Yan which was a pot containing vanilla dip with savory biscuit sticks to dip in it. It was divine, so much so that I’ve tweeted Chimasu to find out how I might get some more! A close second in my list of favorite nibbles was the honey roast sunflower seeds which I practically inhaled.

As all the nibbles Chimasu send out are authentic, many of them have no English descriptions or nutritional details but this has been taken into account and many of the packets have a sticker attached providing this information. Even so, some of the products are a bit of a mystery and as a result I found myself reading the ingredients to work out what flavor I was about to experience… the crackers which appeared to be chicken and onion were certainly an example of this and one of the few products which got a “no” from me.

All in all Grumpy Dad and I were both really impressed with the Chimasu box and agreed that it is excellent value for money, both in terms of novelty value and in terms of it containing snacks that we really wanted to eat. In fact the only thing that I would love to see in future boxes is a list of the products and what flavor they are, a little like a selection box menu. This would make tasting the snacks a little less like putting your hand in a packet of Revels and praying that you didn’t choose the coffee one. Despite this one little niggle the Grumpy family are voting with our feet and have signed up for a subscription. We’re now eagerly waiting to see what new treats await us in the June box.

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review

If you would like to try Chimasu for yourself I have good news! Readers of Grumpy Mum Reviews receive an £8 discount on their first box until 10th July 2017. Simply enter the code GRUMPYMUM when making your purchase.


Would you like to win a Chimasu box crammed full of yummy Asian snacks? Simply complete one or all of the activities on the Rafflecopter panel below to be entered into the prize draw. Remember, the more activities you complete, the more chance you have to win.

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review


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  4. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days a new winner will be drawn.
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  7. The prize is one Chimasu Asian Snack Box.
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Chimasu is a subscription box service that brings the best authentic Asian snacks right to your door once a month. In this review the Grumpy family have been finding out exactly how yummy these exotic treats are.



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  1. I ate some very strange things when I lived in the far east including red cooked chickens’ feet, fish lip soup and fish lung soup. While none of them were gruesome, I wouldn’t order any of them if I saw them on a menu, but I’d eat them to be polite

  2. Incidentally I think I would LOVE the chicken and onion crackers, they sounds similar to some Chinese ones that I drive miles to the Chinese cash & carry for.

  3. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything really strange. Are snails strange? Yummy with garlic butter, not sure I would bother without though.

    1. Yuck! Child keeps trying to make me play a game with weird jelly beans. Oddly, I’m always terribly busy doing something far more appealing… like scrubbing the toilet!

  4. When I went to Tanzania many years ago, we had zebra, eland and wildebeast, which were all very tasty.

  5. Octupus that was still alive! I thought I was going to choke and a have a horrible death but I ended up liking the octupus and ordered more ^^

  6. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything particularly strange, but I went to Austria as a teenager and was given what I think was veal. My mum didn’t tell me what it was. It was horrific and I was nearly sick (I’m not a big meateater at the best of times).

  7. smoked eel. Very fatty although tasty, but I’m really scared of snake like creatures- anything without legs like worms, slugs, snakes, eels totally freak me out- so there was quite a psychological issue going on with the eel. If I’d not known what it was I’d probably have enjoyed it.
    Have eaten shark steaks also. Okay taste but very tough.

  8. gejost cheese (not sure if the spelling is right!) it’s cheese but kind of tastes like fudge. definitely an acquired taste!

  9. What was the strangest food I’ve ever eaten was on Langkawi Island, Malaysia – I thought I was buying vegetable skewers but it was chicken hearts! Awful…!

  10. I haven’t eaten anything *really* out there, but the most unusual thing (for me) I’ve eaten is oysters! I was on holiday in Oban (west coast of Scotland) and there’s an excellent seafood restaurant there called Ee Usk. Well I decided one night to be brave and try oysters for the first time…and really enjoyed them! They taste of the smell of the sea, if you know what I mean – really fresh and delicious 🙂

  11. Fried Scorpion, which tasted delicious initially, in the sort of fashion that all fried food does, with its crispy greasy awesomeness. Beyond it’s batter barrier though, I actually found it pretty tasteless eating…yet it was able to deliver a sucker-punch of appalling aftertaste, that repeated on me for the rest of the evening. Avoid.

  12. I tried fermented shark when I visited. Iceland. I knew it was a bit fishy(!) when it arrived in its own special sealed pot. It was fixed in tiny cubes. I tried one cube and it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever tasted, and I normally really like fish. It took three separate hand washes to get rid of the smell from my fingers where I touched it. I barely touched the meal I had after :S

  13. Rabbit stew. I didn’t know it was rabbit until after I ate it and then was promptly sick with the thought of it.

  14. İşkembe which is turkish tripe soup which I tried on a trip to Turkey many years ago, I don’t think I would of tried it at all but my partner dared me. I can honestly say I have tasted anything so absolutely disgusting in all my life and I spent the rest of the holiday in pain and on the loo !

  15. Hmm probably snails – which were ok a bit earthy! I also had a Zebra burger which was delicious x

  16. At the time Sushi, I was very young and thought it was strange looking, but I quite liked it at the time. Now I am a sushi addict…my favourite food ever!

  17. We have Samphire growing wild here in Cornwall which has a unique taste. My husband loves it but i think it tastes gross.

  18. I can’t think of anything that I have eaten which people would consider weird/unusual. However, I can remember the most disgusting meal I have ever tried, and that was fried liver.

  19. I’ve eaten century eggs several times. They are black inside (as they are stored in ash) and the sight puts you off initially. However the taste grows on you!

  20. Not really had anything strange but did have Okra just the once and hated it as it was slimy – just not nice at all!

  21. I ate some pretty strange things when I lived in Japan. One was whale, which I initially thought was liver (I hate liver). The other was a blend of raw beef mince, raw egg, and spring onions. Yes, it was as strange as it sounds.

  22. Grass Nest Soup when I was a kid on holiday in spain, aparently I told my mum it was too strange to look at let alone eat it lol

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