Review: The Cheeky Elf + Giveaway

Review: The Cheeky Elf

With Christmas just around the corner I’m starting to get excited about all the Christmas fun I can get up to with Baby this year. She’s still young but it’s never too early to start Christmas Traditions, so when the opportunity arose to review a Cheeky Elf starter kit I really couldn’t wait.

About the elf tradition

Back in the 2000’s the elf tradition was born. Suddenly households were buying their children unassuming toy elves which would magically (or through the hard work and planning of many a devious parent) come to life at night and get into all sorts of mischief before returning to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

About the product

Cheeky Elf starter kits are available with either a girl or boy cuddly elf and can be purchased as either a basic pack containing the elf, some activity items, and a candy cane for £21.99 or a deluxe pack which contains everything included in the basic pack, plus an elf jumper and sleeping bag for £25.99.

I will be reviewing the deluxe starter kit with a girl elf which contains:

  • A cuddly elf with posable arms and Velcro hands;
  • A mailing box, designed to look like it came from the North Pole;
  • An elf sleeping bag;
  • An elf woolly jumper;
  • A candy cane;
  • A letter from Santa explaining the elf to your child;
  • A behaviour chart for your child;
  • A Christmas journal;
  • A elf passport;
  • A report card;
  • Parent instructions.

Review: The Cheeky Elf

Opening the Cheeky Elf starter kit

To say I am excited about this review is an understatement! I love Christmas and I want to pass that love onto Baby so that she will be able to enjoy the season just as much as I do.

My first impressions of the Cheeky Elf were very positive. The starter kit arrives in a plastic mailing bag, inside which is a mailing box which has been printed with a ribbon and North Pole postal marks so that you can add your child’s name and address to the box and act as if it was delivered by post on the 1st of December. This is a lovely touch that will make the elf’s story much more plausible.

When you open the box for the first time, the first thing you see is an envelope marked clearly as instructions for parents. Inside is a letter containing both instructions on how the elf tradition should work and advice on things like, how to introduce the elf, how best to get hold of the elf each night, and how to convince your child to part with their elf on Christmas Eve. This letter is very helpful for someone like me who knew very little about how the elf tradition works, I also like the forethought that went into putting it into an envelops, so if you give the box to your child without opening it first, the magic isn’t ruined.

The next item in the box is a letter from Santa which explains to the child why they have been sent an elf.

Finally, we come to the elf itself. I did contemplate getting an elf kit for Baby’s first birthday but when I looked online at the Elf on the Shelf, I was put off by how ugly the doll is. It reminded me more of the killer clown in Poltergeist than a friendly elf! Baby’s Cheeky Elf is much nicer to look at. The entire doll is stuffed and reminiscent of a little rag doll. It’s also practical with arms that are posable allowing you to wrap them around things, or make the doll hold things. The hands also have Velcro on them which make it easier to hang the elf up. I can’t wait to start getting her into all sorts of scrapes, ready to be found in the morning.

Review: The Cheeky Elf

As I received the deluxe pack I had a lovely little sleeping bag and woolly jumper for Baby’s elf, in addition to the other items. These are not necessary but they do add a little bit of interactivity to your elf. Children who like to roll play will enjoy putting their elf to bed in their special sleeping bag and putting their jumper on if it’s chilly, and as the deluxe pack is only £4 more expensive than the basic pack, I honestly can’t imagine why you wouldn’t upgrade.

The remainder of the box is filled with paper activities and accessories. There is a passport for your elf, a behavioural chart for your child which including star stickers to mark off good behaviour, a report card for your elf to send back to Santa, and a Journal for you and your child to fill in. There’s even a child sized candy cane as the icing on the cake. Replacements for all of the paper items are available online so you can even replace them year on year and keep them as keepsakes.


I really love the pack that the Cheeky Elf have pulled together. The elf itself is adorable and the added extras give the pack a well-rounded feel. The quality of all the items is exceptional and I love that it’s all contained in the North Pole mailing box.

I thought the price of both the basic and deluxe starter kits was very reasonable for what you’re getting, and while you can buy add on items on the Cheeky Elf website, it doesn’t have the over commercialised, money grabbing feel of the Elf on the Shelf website.

If you would like to purchase your own cheeky elf, head over to

Review: The Cheeky Elf


  • Cute and friendly looking elf
  • Well thought out and made
  • Reasonably priced
  • Well written instructions


  • None

Competition time

The lovely folk at The Cheeky Elf are offering a Christmas elf twin pack to one lucky Grumpy Mum reader. Which contains not one, but two cheeky little elves! Simply enter via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open to UK residents only.
  2. This giveaway will end at Midnight on 26/10/17.
  3. The winner will be announced within 7 days of the draw ending.
  4. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days a new winner will be drawn.
  5. The blog owner is not responsible for non-deliver of prize.
  6. The prize is one Cheeky Elf twin pack to be dispatched by The Cheeky Elf.
  7. Anyone identified as using multiple accounts to gain extra entries will be disqualified.
  8. If you enter by following an account you must still be following when the giveaway is drawn.

The Christmas Elf tradition has become incredibly popular in recent years so Grumpy Mum is checking out The Cheeky Elf and loving it!


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  1. Putting the Christmas tree up while drinking Baileys with Christmas music on with the kids jumping around with excitement and my husband trying to avoid to touch the glitter decorations haha

  2. Making a very special Advent game and challenge for my small granddaughter with presents, challenges, dressing up days and things to make leading up to a very special Christmas Eve box.

  3. I love Christmas and our family tradition has always been bath,New pyjamas and opening 2 small presents on Xmas Eve.Now I have 7 little grandchildren Christmas is even more magical.

  4. We have a homemade advent calendar that we put our own treats in and also bucket list activities for throughout December.

  5. My favourite Christmas tradition is drinking mulled wine on Christmas Eve and having a snuggle day with the kids – watching Christmas movies, eating mince pies and snacks, baking some biscuits or cakes for Santa and just appreciating the peace and quality time with each other. I love Christmas for the huge amount of time we spend with family and friends – both of us work full-time, so the rest of the year always seems so rushed!!
    Steph at Mental Parentals recently posted…Family Update: October 2017My Profile

  6. We always go on a family walk to the local beach with a flask of hot chocolate on Christmas Day. It’s nice to get out of the house after all the festivities.

  7. everyone helps with the final clear through on Christmas Eve and gets the veg all prepared while the Pork cooks. Then we all have a sandwich and piece of crackling for supper.

  8. Making reindeer food out of oats and glitter and sprinkling on the lawn on Christmas Eve – to attract Santa’s reindeer to our house!

  9. Christmas lunch/dinner with the family is my favourite xmas tradition. Dad says nowadays you can eat the same food all year around…but it just isn’t the same is it – and you rarely get everyone around the same table in a ‘jovial’ mood 😉 x

  10. As a child my parents always left an Annual at the bottom of my bed each Christmas morning so that when i woke up I would spend time reading it instead of waking them up too early.
    It’s something I now do with my own kids, but it never works 🙂

  11. On Christmas Eve my family and I go to our local beach, we write the name of lost loved ones on stones and then throw them into the sea. Then we all go home and watch Christmas movies while eating mince pies. It really makes Christmas Eve special.

  12. Going out to get a real Christmas Tree then decorating it with the kids with Christmas music on and mulled wine (for me) and hot chocolate for the kids x

  13. On Boxing Day I lock my self in the home office to watch all 3 On the buses films with a big plate of turkey bubble and squeak.

  14. Christmas eve mass then home to open one gift each
    (always new pj’S)
    a hot tottie new pj’s on and then to bed to wait for santa
    and the mayhem that unfolds on Christmas morning

  15. On Christmas Eve giving the children their Christmas Eve hampers then settling down to watch The Snowman with a hot chocolate

  16. Mince Pie and sherry for Santa, carrot for Rudolph on Christmas Eve, finding it gone on Christmas morning and presents left under the tree.

  17. We always have a tree gift – a little gift for each person that doesnt cost more than £5 but has alot of thought in it x

  18. We always leave Father Christmas a mince pie and tot of whiskey to warm him up and a 🥕 for the reindeer, i done this as a child and now my girls love doing this, its the first thing they check on christmas morning

  19. Christmas Eve, New PJ’s, a Christmas film and then ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ As a bedtime story and then no present opening or even entering the front room to see if Santa’s been till all the family is up and awake.

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