Review: Carpetright

Review: Carpetright

When we moved into our new home we quickly realised that every room in the house would need to be re-decorated. With Baby due in only a couple of weeks this wasn’t idea but there was one room that I really was looking forward to decorating, the nursery.

We completed decorating the majority of the nursery in time for her first birthday, but I couldn’t stand having Baby play on the tatty 10 year old carpet, so it just had to go.

Why I chose Carpetright

Carpetright are the UK’s leading flooring provider and with stores absolutely everywhere, it’s hard not to be aware of them. In Swindon, I have two stores within a few minutes’ drive and both of them are modern, bright and inviting. Choosing them to supply Baby’s carpet really was a no brainer.

Review: Carpetright

Purchasing experience

I hate sales people, they turn me into a perfect example of my blog name. So when I sat down with Steve at Carpetright I was prepared for the worse… What I didn’t expect was a thoroughly lovely experience.

Steve was an absolutely perfect salesman, and by that I mean that he didn’t once try the hard sell, instead he let the product sell itself. We started by discussing what the carpet was for and what our priorities were, then he pointed out carpets that might fit our needs. This probably sounds like the obvious way to sell something, but so many sales people try to tell you what they think you should want, rather than listening to what you’re telling them.

Steve was not only polite, courteous, and friendly, he was also extremely knowledgeable about the carpets on offer, how they would stand up to different types of wear, and how they would be effected by different underlay.

From the literally hundreds of carpets, he finally managed to help an indecisive Grumpy Dad and I choose the perfect one, with the underlay to match. Then for extra credit he also gave me advice on underlay for a carpet I had bought elsewhere, even though there was nothing in it for him.

We couldn’t have had a more pleasant buying experience, if all sales people were like Steve I’m sure I’d be a lot less Grumpy.

Review: Carpetright

The Carpet Fitting

Workmen can be hit and miss. I’ve had some that are excellent, but I’ve also had some that have made me very uncomfortable, or caused damage, mess, or inconvenience. I’m glad to say that the Carpetright fitters were of the excellent kind.

There’s nothing worse than waiting in for hours only to have the workmen arrive late, so I was delighted when I received a phone call exactly when promised to say the carpet fitters would be with me shortly.

When they arrived, the fitters were friendly and cheerful, and got down to the job straight away. Within minutes they had the old carpet and underlay out and disposed of. Stopping only to advise me that the old underlay had quite a bit of life left in it, and ask if I would like to keep it for another room. I declined but was impressed that they had taken the time to offer advice instead of just doing their job and removing it.

The new carpet was down in a jiffy, with both carpet fitters working quickly and efficiently with the only snag being that the door would need to be trimmed. One of the fitters advised me of this and of all the options available to me, which included having Carpetright trim the door for a fee, or arranging for the door to be trimmed myself.

Although this was sales opportunity for the carpet fitters, they did not go for the hard sell. They offered information and advice but didn’t push. I did choose to let them trim the door and luckily they were able to do it there and then.
As I had Baby with me the fitters were mindful to warn me how loud the cutter would be in-case it scared her. I thought this was very thoughtful as many workmen in the past haven’t bothered. That being said, Baby absolutely loves power tools so she was delighted to watch the cutter chew off a section of her door!

The carpet fitters finished their job by hoovering the new carpet and the hall, and ensuring that they hadn’t left anything that might cause Baby harm. They then placed the off cuts (which I wanted to keep) in the place I specified, and were gone, leaving Baby and I to roll around on the lovely new carpet!

Review: Carpetright


Before experiencing the excellent service from Carpetright I had a mild distrust of carpet sales people, but my mind has been completely changed.

From start to finish the Carpetright staff couldn’t have been more helpful and efficient. The sales staff used their extensive knowledge of their products to sell them, rather than employing the pushy sales tactics I might have expected. Likewise, the carpet fitters couldn’t have been more friendly and efficient. Making what can be quite an inconvenient experience as pleasant as possible.

Thanks to Carpetright we had a thoroughly stress free experience which has resulted in a beautifully fitted carpet which is exactly the colour, style, and feel that we wanted. I honestly couldn’t be happier or recommend them highly enough.

To find your nearest Carpetright store you can visit their website at

Carpetright are one of the UK's leading flooring specialists, but does their service meet the Grumpy Mum's exacting standards? Find out in this review.

**This post was written in collaboration with Carpetright. All views and experiences are my own.

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