Review: Bidvine the easy way to find services and trades

Finding a Piano teacher in Swindon with Bidvine

What is Bidvine

Bidvine is an online resource for finding services of every kind, from cleaners, to tradesmen, to music teachers. The service works by making your job request available to service providers, giving them the opportunity to contact you with a quote via Bidvine.

Bidvine is free to customers requesting a quote.

My Review of Bidvine

One of my biggest pet hates is trying to find services providers and tradesmen. The internet seems to be a minefield of unreliable or disreputable companies and navigating it is a time consuming and frustrating endeavor.

In the past few years I’ve had to find a bathroom fitter, house clearance specialist, removals company and a plasterer and between them I’ve had spend hours searching the internet only to end up with 3 cancellations presumably because they were offered more profitable jobs, 1 extremely shoddy job which required over £1k to fix, 1 no-show and numerous companies who simply didn’t bother replying to my phone calls and emails at all.

As a result of these bad experiences I had stopped using trades and service providers who had not been personally recommended, so when Bidvine asked me to review their quotation service I was intrigued as to whether it really could take the pain out of looking for professional.

Finding a Piano teacher in Swindon with Bidvine

When I first visited the Bidvine website I was expecting the services that were on offer to be limited to the usual selection of plumbers, plasterers and handymen that you usually find on this type of website, so I was surprised to find that you really can look for anything. Want to learn to dance? You can find dance instructors, want to learn Chinese? Yes they have language teachers and even interpreters if you just need someone to translate. Music lessons, sports therapists, circus skills, photographers, wedding planners, alternative medicine practitioners, flower arrangers, psychotherapists and everything in between can be requested through Bidvine. I even spotted an entry for Klingon lessons! Worryingly I do know a little bit of Klingon, although I probably shouldn’t admit to that.

While it’s all very well having all of these options I did find myself wondering how easy it would be to get a quote and what the quality of those quotes would be, so I set about finding out for myself. As it happens, I’ve been wanting to take piano lessons for a while but I had no idea how to find a good tutor in the Swindon area who would come to me, rather than me to them. The first step to searching Bidvine was simple enough, enter what you want into the search bar and add your post code.

I expected the next step to be a basic information form requesting your details and providing a space for you to write a quote request. Instead I was presented with a very user friendly set of questions which were tailored specifically to music lessons and which were very cleverly designed not only to lead you into providing the information that a music teacher would actually need, but also to make you think about what you really want from the lessons. When I started filling out the form I thought that I wanted a teacher to come to my home, but I had no idea what I wanted to achieve from it besides a vague desire to learn piano. However, by going through this selection of leading questions I realised that virtual lessons done via Skype was not only an option, but my preference. I also came to the conclusion that what I really wanted from these lessons wasn’t a full on teaching experience, but for someone to point me in the right direction, provide tips to help me learn and validate that the practice I am doing in my spare time (as if I have any of that!) is being done correctly.

Finding a Piano teacher in Swindon with Bidvine

Once I had completed the form my request was made available to all of the piano teachers covering my area on Bidvine and I was informed that I would receive a maximum of 5 quotes within the next 5 days. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much of a response but within an hour I had been contacted by a music school offering me a free taster session with one of their remote piano tutors. I quickly Googled the school to check reviews and found that the school was highly recommended. I also found that the teacher was more than happy to fully discuss my needs and preferences via the Bidvine messenger and as a result it wasn’t long before I decided to give the taster session a go.

I now find myself looking forward to my first ever piano lesson which has taken next to no effort to arrange.

All in all, I found that the Bidvine website was very customer friendly from its simple layout, to its cleverly designed quotation request system which only takes around 10 minutes to use, right through to it’s messenger system which allows you to connect with potential service providers without being subjected to pressure or hard sales. My experience of the service was surprisingly pleasant and I found it took all of the stress and inconvenience out of a task that I would usually find quite frustrating.

I’m sure that given my very positive experience I will be using Bidvine again in future, but if you’re looking for a Piano tutor in Swindon or any other service around the UK, I highly recommend that you try the Bidvine website.

Bidvine is a website which brings people and services together. Find out how I got on using them to find a piano music teacher in Swindon and what I thought of the experience.


This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated however the experiences and opinions expressed are my own.


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