Review: S+ by ResMed Sleep Monitor

Review: S+ by ResMed sleep monitor

As a first-time parent you receive a lot of conflicting advice about parenthood. However, there is one thing that everyone agrees on… You will never get a good night sleep again!

Although Baby is now over a year old, sleep is still an issue. I often find myself having to check on her two or three times a night, although thankfully this is no longer a task that requires me to rock her for an hour! So, when the opportunity to review the S+ by ResMed came along I decided that anything is worth a shot if there’s a possibility of getting a better night sleep.

If I’m honest I didn’t expect the S+ to help me sleep. After all, being given a colorful chart that outlines exactly how sleep deprived you are is interesting, and good to have on hand when your significant other asks you why you’re tired all the time, but that’s about as far as it goes… isn’t it?

Review: S+ by ResMed sleep monitor


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The Product

The S+ presents as a premium product from the moment you open the smart packaging. The sensor itself appears stylish and well built, and could easily be mistaken for a Bluetooth speaker or a modern alarm clock.

Beside the sensor, the only other item in the box is the power cable which is a surprisingly good length. It may sound silly to be please about such a simple convenience, but it’s surprising how many products have power cords that don’t reach the floor let alone a plug socket!

In order to monitor your sleep, you will also need a smart phone capable of downloading the iPhone or Android app, and the ability to keep your phone on charge overnight.

Review: S+ by ResMed sleep monitor

Once set up the S+ has several functions and features that you can access via your smart phone. The most central being sleep monitoring, but unlike most sleep monitors the S+ doesn’t require any sensors to be strapped to you or the bed.

An addition to the basic sleep monitoring the S+ also has functions such as a daytime relaxation program, A notepad which should be used to clear your mind of anything that is troubling you before sleep, a nighttime relax to sleep program, and a gentle wakeup alarm.

Once the S+ has monitored your sleep the results are translated into a score out of 100 and a percentage score for both REM and Deep sleep. The S+ Mentor then takes these details and offers advice based on both your sleep chart and lifestyle information.

Using the S+

Although I was skeptical of the S+’s ability to improve my sleep, it was hard not to be impressed with it straight away. It has the feel of a premium product from the moment you receive it and that follows through to the user experience. It is extremely easy to set up, even the Bluetooth connection worked like a dream! The app also feels very polished with crisp easy to follow graphics, an intuitive navigation system, and a few added extras, over and above sleep monitoring.

Review: S+ by ResMed sleep monitor

One of the things that I disliked about other sleep monitors I’ve used is the output. While interesting they don’t really tell you anything. The S+ does provide the same graphs, but they also break that data into a far easier to understand score, so you can see at a glance how well you slept and how that compares to recent nights.

In addition to the overall sleep score, the S+ also gives you a percentage score for REM sleep and Deep sleep. This lets you know how much of these two important sleep types you’ve had, compared to how much you should ideally have. I found this fascinating but a little depressing as I’m definitely not getting enough of either!

Although these features are great, they pale in comparison to my favorite part of the S+, the S+ Mentor. This is effectively your own personal sleep coach. Every time you set the S+ to “sleep” mode you’re asked to enter details like how much caffeine you’ve drank in the day and how stressed you’ve been. The S+ mentor then takes that information cross references it with your sleep results and gives you a personalized advice on how to improve your sleep.

Although most of the S+ Mentor advice is fairly standard (take a bath, drink less caffeine, etc.), I really like the way it justifies it’s advice and indicates why it’s suggesting it. So far, every morning I have received different advice and while I’ll admit to not taking all of it, I do find it fascinating.

Review: S+ by ResMed sleep monitor

All in all I’m really pleased with the S+’s performance. It has proved itself to be very easy to use and reliable, the advice its provided has always been useful and based on more than just sleep record, and it has been very reliable. It is a premium product and as such, is does have a premium price tag (£129 as of Oct’17) but if you’re serious about getting a good sleep monitor I don’t think you can go far wrong with the S+.



  • Stylish design
  • No wearable or on bed sensors
  • Easy to understand and monitor sleep score
  • Daily sleep advice
  • Easy to use


  • Premium price tag


If you would like to try the S+ for yourself you can find it on Amazon using this link.


The S+ by ResMed sleep monitor is a high tech solution for people who struggle with insomnia and poor sleep. For this review I took it for a test drive to see if it could help this mum get a good night sleep.

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