Broadband in Swindon: A Grumpy Mum Review

Broadband in Swindon: A Grumpy Mum Review

It’s hard to believe, but there are adults walking around today who are too young to remember a time when everyone had a home phone. They never experienced the inconvenience of having to sit next to a corded phone, or the frustration of being yelled at to get off the internet because someone wants to make a call.

The fact is that the home phone is fast becoming a thing of the past. For example, I haven’t owned a home phone for nearly 10 years and I can count the number of people who still do on one hand!

This is why being forced to pay line rental just to have broadband drives me crazy! A recent study showed that 1 in 10 people with a landline don’t even bother to plug in a phone, and of those that do, 51% rarely, if ever, use it. Yet that 51% (me included) are still forced to pay for something that is becoming obsolete.

Luckily, in my hometown of Swindon, Relish Broadband, is continuing to roll out its game-changing, superfast broadband, providing us with an alternative option rather than the traditional internet service providers that, to be honest, have been less than extraordinary here!

Relish is different as it’s wireless – similar to how your phone connects to the internet – but it’s not just for mobiles. It’s Superfast broadband. And it’s an overdue change to the way we get connected. Why? Because it has a lot of advantages over traditional, wired connection.

Broadband in Swindon: A Grumpy Mum Review


This is one thing that really gets my goat. If you dig into the cost of broadband you will discover that with some internet suppliers, up to two-thirds of the monthly cost is actually line rental, not broadband costs at all. The provider that I’ve used for the past 10 years charges £18.99 just for line rental.

That’s why it’s even more amazing that Relish only charge £25 per month, in total, for a Superfast broadband only deal (with a one-off upfront device cost of £99). They don’t charge you for a landline you never use, so you’re not stung with unnecessary fees and you can do away with the home phone you just don’t use – saving money in the process.


Swindon has grown exponentially since the 1990s, building thousands of new homes and engulfing many outlying villages. You would think that within these numerous new housing developments, installing the latest Superfast fiber optic broadband would be easy, but you would be sadly mistaken.

For reasons best known to the Swindon planning office, many of these estates (including mine) were fitted with standard phone cables that are only capable of slow broadband speeds. In my home we regularly clock the sped at 11 Mbps. Although this is fast enough to stream movies, with technology now a corner stone of modern life, we quite regularly have up to eight devices all streaming and surfing at the same time. As a result, barely a day goes by without someone asking if there is a problem with the internet because it’s running

Until now there has been no available alternative that could offer faster speeds (as installing the cables required would involve the massive job of digging up miles of pavements). However, Relish have no such restrictions and are able to offer Superfast broadband and quickly!

Broadband in Swindon: A Grumpy Mum Review


Another bugbear, which is particularly noticeable when you move home, is the length of time it takes for broadband services to be switched on.

You would think it would be as easy as flipping on a switch to connect the internet, but for some reason most broadband companies recommend you contact them as early as six weeks before you would like to be online.

From my own experience I’ve been left without internet for around four weeks on both my previous house moves, which is an absolute nightmare. I was also in the unenviable position of being heavily pregnant and on bed rest, with no TV aerial and no access to my usual online streaming services.

Relish is unique in that it promises to have you up and running within five working days if you want it that quickly. Plenty of time for you to unpack all of your essentials and find a dark corner in which to store all the other moving boxes!

Additionally, because Relish doesn’t require a landline, you could even install it alongside your current broadband provider (with no affect to your service) to really compare them side-by-side.


If you buy a contract that claims to provide unlimited usage, you’d expect to be able to download as much as possible. Unfortunately, check the small print and you might actually discover that this isn’t a reality.

Relish promises that its claim of ‘unlimited data’ is true. This means that your kids could stream movies and play Xbox games until their heart’s desire.


Most internet service providers seem to be stuck in a rut, offering their services in the same way that they have since the internet came sneaking into our homes. This was great back then, but things change. Relish really do seem to have taken a step back, looked at the way that things are done and asked how can we do it better.

Relish is on its way to making Superfast broadband available to everyone in Swindon, regardless of where they live.

To find out more and to check to see whether Relish is in your area check click here:

Broadband in Swindon: A Grumpy Mum Review

*This post was sponsored by Relish


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