Recipe: Death by Chocolate Cake

Death by chocolate cake recipe

Pretty much everyone has one crowd pleasing recipe that always goes down well. For me it’s my far too chocolaty chocolate cake and as an Easter treat I’m going to share this recipe with you.

I started making this chocolate cake about 3 years ago, and since then I’ve made a few adjustments to the recipe to create a seriously light and fluffy cake that will can make even a devoted chocoholic like myself wonder if maybe they over did the chocolate just a smidgen.

Cake Ingredients

250g Milk or dark chocolate, both work well.
170g Salted butter.
350g Light brown sugar.
5 Eggs.
370g Plain flower.
1.5 tsp Baking powder.
1.5 tsp Bicarbonate of soda.
2 tsp Vanilla essence.
500ml Semi-skimmed milk.

Buttercream Ingredients

180g Milk or Dark chocolate.
230g Unsalted butter.
250g Icing sugar.
1 tsp Vanilla essence.
A dash of semi-skimmed milk.


Kitkats, Chocolate fingers or any similar chocolate covered biscuit.

Death by chocolate cake recipe

Cake Method

Set your oven to 180 degrees (Gas mark 4) then line two deep cake tins with grease proof paper.

Measure out your chocolate and put it in a bowl above some boiling water to melt. While that’s happening use a mixer to combine the butter and sugar until it is nice and smooth. Once you’re chocolate has melted, add it to the mix.

Mix the flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda together.

Stir the vanilla into the milk.

Slowly add the flower and milt to the chocolate mixture and continue mixing until it becomes light and fluffy, almost like a mouse.

Separate the egg whites and whisk until them form soft peaks, then fold the chocolate mix into them. I’ve tried folding the egg whites into the chocolate mix instead but I found that the results weren’t quite as good.

Divide the mix into the two cake tins and bake for 45 minutes. I like to check they are ready by listening to the crackle they make when straight out of the oven. If it’s loud and lively, like millions of little bubbles popping, then it needs a few more minutes. If the crackling is quieter and slower then it’s probably ready to come out. If there’s no sound then it’s over-baked and will probably be dry. Alternatively you can poke the cake with a knife but where’s the fun in that!

Buttercream Method

Place the chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water to melt.

Combine the icing sugar, butter, vanilla and a drop of milk until it forms a thick paste.

Add the melted chocolate to the other ingredients. Cream together adding a small amount of milk at intervals until the mix has a nice creamy and easily spreadable texture.

Death by chocolate cake recipe


Once the cakes have cooled, trim off any doming (although I find that this cake doesn’t often dome). Use about half the butter cream to sandwich the cakes together, then use the rest to thickly coat the side and top of the cake.

Place your chocolate fingers (or whichever type of biscuit you have) to go around the edge of the of the cake, in my experience you will need way more of these than you think you do… I managed to coat my last cake with 3 boxes of chocolate fingers, but only just!

On top of the cake, pour or arrange your sweeties in the well created by the chocolate fingers. You can use anything for this. In the past I’ve tried Minstrels, Cream Eggs, Mini Eggs and once when I was feeling a little evil, I used Revels.

You can leave the chocolate bare or finish with a bow.


What’s your favorite crowed pleasing recipe?


This yummy chocolate cake recipe is perfect for Easter, Birthdays or even Christmas!


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