Review: Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting

How to top up your maternity pay with matched betting

What is Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is a on-line service which teaches you how to matched bet, finds matched betting opportunities for you and provides you with all the tools and calculators you will need to take advantage of them.

My Review of Profit Accumulator

I recently wrote about my experience using matched betting to top up my maternity leave by a substantial amount, but when I decided to give matched betting a go I never dreamed that I would make so much. In all honestly I thought that matched betting was probably some sort of scam but after reading an article by The Money Shed praising Profit Accumulator, I decided to give it a go.

Without a doubt the best thing about Profit Accumulator is the free trial. Not because the service isn’t worth it but because it gives you confidence and teaches you what matched betting is all about in a way that no article could. In addition, you don’t have to hand over any payment details to take advantage of it so I didn’t feel any pressure to sign up at the end of the trial.

Try the Profit Accumulator Free Trial for yourself

When I decided to give the trial a go I admit that I was very hesitant. I couldn’t believe that I really would make money, but Profit Accumulator slowly guides you through two different matched betting deals via videos where they show you screen by screen what you should be pressing and how you should be betting. The only way they could make it easier is if they were sat next to you! By the end of the two deals I had made more than enough to sign up to the service (which obviously is what they want you to do) so, as it really was now costing me nothing I decided to sign up.

The full Profit Accumulator site is split into several sections. The first is the offers section. This is where you will find all the deals which you can take advantage of. When you start out, you go to the sign-up offers. These are the offers which make you money when you sign up to bookies and are very similar to the offers in the free trial with ample instructions and videos to help you through. There are usually around 60 offers in this section at any one time, which will keep you going for a while but once you are signed up with all the bookies you can move on to the reloads section which lets you know when bookies are running special offers, which you can exploit. As if this wasn’t enough, Profit Accumulator also lets you know about bingo and casino offers (although these usually have an element of risk so I do not partake in them myself) and has a large library of training videos which cover the many different ways in which you can matched bet.

Knowing what offers are on is very handy but Profit Accumulator does more than just highlight deals. As I mentioned before, they also have a number of tools to help make matched betting so easy that even I can do it! Their odds matching software now comprises of oddsmatcher, match catcher and ACCA catcher, all of which take practically all of the work out of matched betting. Oddsmatcher, can scan the vast majority of bookies to find the most profitable matches for you, so that all you need to do is log in, check the odds and place your bet. Match catcher does a similar job however it updates much more frequently making it very useful for betting on horse racing, where odds can change quickly. Finally ACCA catcher allows you to identify and track sports accumulator deals (Where you place several bets at the same time and only win if they all win) where you can use ACCA insurance deals to ensure that you never lose!

The final set of tools that Profit Accumulator provide is a set of calculators. Matched Betting is easy, but the calculations you need to use in order to make it profitable, are not! As a result Profit Accumulator have created a set of user friendly calculators which cover every possible matched betting eventuality. All you need to do is tell them what type of bet you’re doing and if that wasn’t simple enough each of the offers instruct you which calculator to use and exactly what you enter into it.

In addition to the tools on offer Profit Accumulator boasts one of the most lively matched betting forums around, where other matched betters will happily hand out advice or just chat about betting.

Profit Accumulator makes matched betting easy

It’s an understatement to say I think Profit Accumulator is good value for money as after only 2 months I’m well over £1,000 up and I’m certain that I would never have got off the ground without the fantastic instructional videos and instructions provided with each offer. I found that the service really removed all of the mystery behind matched betting. Opening it up to people like myself who know nothing of sports or betting and find the whole matched betting concept mystifying and a little scary. I’m also really impressed that the people behind Profit Accumulator seem to be constantly trying to improve their service, adding more tools and more functionality… I’m sure one day they’ll come up with a way for you to sign in, sit back and let the computer do all the work, but until then, their service is the next best thing.

If you would like to try Profit Accumulator for yourself please click on any of the links within this post to give their free trial a go. If you don’t make money from it I will eat my very unappetizing looking hat.

Profit Accumulator is an online tool which makes matched betting easy. It has a free trial which will earn you around £40 and prom that point on it helps you to find and take advantage of oppotunities. I made £900 in one month! Read my review to learn what it's all about!


The Profit Accumulator links in this post are affiliate links which mean that should you complete the free trial and decide to sign up. Profit Accumulator will pay me a couple of quid for referring you. I joined this program because I enjoy using Profit Accumulator and believe that it is a useful tool, it has not in any way effected my review of the service.

Are you already a member of Profit Accumulator? I made £900 in my first month, can you beat that?!

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