Review: Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Baby Toy Set

Garden bugs packaging front

What is the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set The Lamaze wrist rattles and foot finders are sensory toys designed to help your baby discover their hands and feet. About the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set The Lamaze garden bug foot finder and wrist rattle set come in an attractive gift box. I really like how clear they’ve made the recommended age and how they’ve left the product to sell itself, as it made working out whether I wanted it very simple indeed. The set includes two wrist bands made in different colours […]

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Costa Coffee – In hot water, bottle feeding woes

Costa Coffee in Hot Water

For several years now I’ve been having a love affair with Costa Coffee. It’s not the weekend until we’ve trotted off to Costa for a hot chocolate and a latte, but just recently the relationship has turned as sour! It all started one fateful Saturday in October. We headed off for out first Costa since Grumpy Baby had been born. The branch we chose was Costa, Greenbridge in Swindon. We’d just been in the Mothercare store next door buying Grunpy Baby all manner of cute things that I couldn’t resist, and were looking forward to a nice relaxing drink and […]

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Review: Munchkin Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

Munchkin Mirror Packaging Front

What is the Baby In-sight Mega Mirror? Baby in car mirrors are handy contraptions that attach to the headrest of your car to enable you to see your baby in his or her rear facing car seat while you drive. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs but most are simple curved mirrors with a padded frame. About the Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror The Munchkin baby in-sight mirror sits in the middle of the price range for similar products. The packaging is simple and clean but not the best design. I feel it gives the product an […]

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Well Done Tesco!

Like many mums with tiny babies I do my shopping online. My shop of choice is Tesco, just because I had awful problems using Sainsbury’s for my disabled mother. Anyway, today was the first time I’d had a dreaded damaged product. Grumpy Baby’s formula carton had a hole punched right through the side! It was at the back of the package so I can forgive the picker, who I’m sure was in a rush, for missing it but as I dialled the customer service line and negotiated the inevitable call handling system I was dreading having to haggle with the […]

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Review: The Original GroBag baby sleeping bag

Close up of the Starlight and Apple fabric design.

About the original GroBag baby sleeping bag Despite the name we are not talking about bags of dirt to grow your tomatoes in. GroBags and other baby sleeping bags are an alternative to blankets for babies and small children. They are effectively little tiny sleeping bags which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs but all share the feature of neck and arm holes. About the product Today I will be reviewing two GroBags from both ends of the price spectrum. Both are size 0-6 months, 2.5 Tog (suitable for temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees C) […]

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Welcome to Grumpy Mum Reviews

Grumpy Mum & Grumpy Baby

Hello and welcome to Grumpy Mum Reviews! So, what’s this blog all about? Well, at the end of 2015 Grumpy dad and I decided that we weren’t confused, tired and broke enough, so we had better have a baby… Two months later the illusive second line showed up on a test and from that point on I was absolutely baffled by how many products there were out there for new and prospective mothers and babies. Working out which products were essential and which were just money down the drain was a nightmare and as a result I ended up wasting […]

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