Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

Sudocrem care and protect nappy cream review

About Sudocrem Care & Protect Sudocrem Care & Protect is a nappy cream to be used at every change. The cream provides a barrier layer on your babies skin which helps prevents rubbing, nappy rash and infection. This particular nappy cream advertises triple protection in the form of a protective barrier, skin conditioning and a guard against infection. My review of Sudocrem Care & Protect You can’t be a parent without being very familiar with the constant battle of nappy changing and with it the job of slathering various creams and ointments on your baby’s nether regions! Since having Baby […]

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OH MY BLOG: Monthly Blogger Interview Series

This is Oh My Blog! A brand new monthly interview series featuring a whole host of fellow bloggers. Each month I will be featuring a interview from a fantastic fellow blogger on a range of subjects. This month, the questions are based on the fitting February topic of love! This months featured blogger is Roxanne from Every Cloud Mummy. Tell us about yourself and your blog. Hellooo, I am Roxanne! I’m 27, from Poole in Dorset and am a proud mama to Lucas, 5 and Ava, 2 who both keep me very busy and slightly mad! I am a part […]

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The Bedtime Tag – Sleeping with Baby

The bedtime blogger tag. Sleeping like a baby.

Thank you to the lovely Mummy to Logan for tagging me in the Bedtime Tag. This tag is all about sleep habits, which is somewhat ironic for a mum with a young baby to write about. On the whole I’m usually happy just to get a nap and I’m one of the luck ones who has a baby who sleeps well! 1. Describe your usual bedtime routine Bedtime is a military operation in my house because there’s a good chance that if anything interrupts it, the baby won’t sleep! At about 7pm Baby goes for daddy time while I waft […]

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10 Toys from the 80’s my daughter will never know

Top 10 80's toys

With Christmas and Birthdays galore over the past couple of months, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at toys and there’s no denying that things have changed a lot since I was a child. Sure there are still dolls and Lego, but most children just want a xBox or an iPad. So, while wandering around Toys’R’Us, which isn’t as magical these days, I found myself reminiscing about the toys of my childhood in the 80’s and realising that my daughter will not only never play with the sort of toys that I enjoyed, but will also probably think […]

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#ReliableReviews Linky #1

#ReliableReviews Blogging Linky

¬†Welcome to the very first Reliable Reviews linky! I have created this linky because I love to review products and services and I know lots of other bloggers do too. Until now if you wanted to add a review to a linky, you would have to find a to random “anything goes” linky, but reviews never seem to fit in well and are nearly always overlooked. Well, no longer! Now there is a linky just for reviewers to share their thoughts and opinions on products and services. Assuming this first linky goes well, every month I will choose my favorite […]

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Weight Loss Challenge: 52lb in 52 weeks #5

Weight loss and dieting challenge week 5

Can you believe that the end of January is here already? I certainly can’t! Somehow time slips by without me noticing, I blink and another month is gone. This month has been a bit of a weight loss roller coaster. My first week was amazing with a 4lb loss but then I jumped back up and gained 2lb. Luckily since then I’ve been steadily losing 1lb a month, which isn’t terribly exciting but it is exactly what I’ve set myself up to do. I’m sure there are diets out there which would have me losing 2 or 3lb a week […]

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Frugal February Money Saving Challenge

Frugal February Money Saving Challenge

What the heck is Frugal February? We’re now well and truly into 2017, the post Christmas and New Year hangovers are clearing and day to day life is returning to whatever passes for normal around here. It’s right about now that I usually look at the December bank balance, suck air in through my teeth in my best dodgy mechanic impression, and decide that it’s time to tighten the financial belt a little. It is with this slightly gloomy state of mind that I’ve decided that this year I will be participating in Frugal February. The goal? To find as […]

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Review: Teething & Fiddle Necklace by Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby fiddle and teething necklace review

About Maybe Baby teething and fiddle necklaces Maybe Baby teething and fiddle necklaces are made to be worn by a supervising adult but played with by babies. The jewellery is made using strong, soft cord, with soft BPA free silicone beads and hard untreated wood beads. The necklace fastening is a strong plastic snap, designed to come apart if pulled hard. My Review Since having Baby necklaces have been a thing of the past. The small shiny pendants and thin chains that I once wore would last lest than 5 seconds around my magpie eyed little trouble maker, so when […]

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Weight Loss Challenge: 52lb in 52weeks #4

Weight loss challenge: 52lb in 52 weeks

This week I’m feeling more positive about my weight loss journey by far. I’ve managed to substitute a number of foods for lower fat alternatives and although this won’t get me far on its own, it’s a start. One of the things I’m struggling with most is getting my head into the right mind frame to diet. I’ve got used to eating what I want, when I want and turning back the clock to a time when I ate what I should, when I should is difficult. By swapping foods such as regular meat for lean meat, I’m doing something […]

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Fed is best – Why I chose to bottle feed my baby over breast feeding

Why I chose bottle feeding over breast feeding

“You don’t know her circumstances, maybe she couldn’t breast feed” “Maybe she can’t breast feed for medical reasons” “Some women just can’t breast feed” “You should have breast fed, then you wouldn’t have to carry so much stuff”   These are all things that have been said to me or about me over the past 5 months since Baby was born. You see, I chose to bottle feed from Birth. Yes, you read that right, I chose to bottle feed. There were no extenuating circumstances, I didn’t fail at breast feeding and my boobs work just fine, thanks for asking. […]

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