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Oh My Blog is a monthly blogger interview series where like minded bloggers come together to answer questions on a wide range of subjects. This months theme is predictably Mothers Day and our visiting blogger is Jaymee from The Mum Diaries.

So without further ado, lets find out what Jaymee had to say about being a mum…

How long have you been a mum? Introduce us to your children
I have been a mum 8 years this year! Jack (my eldest) who made me a mum is 7, Oliver is 5 and Arthur is 3. Each of them have taught me different things. Jack taught me what being a mum involves, Oliver taught me about safety precautions and Arthur taught me all about the 4th Trimester!

What’s been the best thing about it so far?
Being a mum? cuddles, kisses being told ” I love you more than you can ever imagine!”

Best baby brain story. More dozy the better!
I don’t really have a baby brain story other than preparing for Oliver’s school home visit a week early! Or turning up for a Dr Appointment 2 days late!

You’ve won the lottery (yay!) What is the first thing that you buy for yourself? (Not for the kiddies!)
First thing I will do is clear my debts! Then I will buy passports and a holiday. I would then buy a brand new car and then either deposit on a house or buy one!

What’s the first thing you do once the kids have gone to bed?
Sleep! Just kidding, Mark(hubby) and I chill on the sofa before he goes to bed. I tend to sit on the laptop whilst he scoffs his face!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?
The boys help Mark in the morning to prepare breakfast in bed, they spend the day before making my cards and gifts. Once out of bed it is like every other day 🙂

What are you most looking forward to in the years to come as a mum?
I am looking forward to seeing what men my boys will become.

What’s the best Mother’s Day present you’ve ever received?
A necklace with the boys names on each ring

Did you do anything special or specific to announce that you were going to become a mum?
With Jack no, I just told people I was pregnant and uploaded his scan photo to Facebook. Oliver I posted a status saying “Anyone know where I can buy a big brother top for Jack?” not many people got it! so had to post another status saying “Yes, Jack is going to be a big brother”.
With Arthur we didn’t announce until around 21 weeks pregnant. I uploaded a photo of Jack and Oliver holding the scan photo and a babygrow.

What’s the biggest way you’ve changed since becoming a mum? Aside from now having a small human to take care of, obviously.
Other than increasing in body size and struggling to loose all the weight! I have had to become more patient. Having 3 boys all close in age takes it toll but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you about becoming a mum?
I just wish people kept their advice to themselves. Most of it was tosh and if I needed help I asked. Don’t get hard done by people telling you their stories. All babies are different, just because your friend’s baby slept through all night and is the best doesn’t mean yours will be!

Be honest here… have you passed any of your bad habits on to your kids yet? We promise, we won’t judge.
Yes! Oliver has started to bite his nails!

What is your absolute must-have item now that you’re a parent? One thing you can’t leave the house without or need for your kid’s bedtime. What’s integral to your daily life now?
Boobs! Up until Arthur weaned at 2 years 7 months boobs kept him going. They would feed him, comfort him, help him sleep, make him happy 🙂
Sling – When you have multiple children (especially of different ages) being able to safety carry one whilst you parent the other children is important.

What’s the weirdest mum conversation you’ve found yourself having? Be it with your child, your partner or even a fellow mum? We all know we end up talking about weird stuff.
No real weird conversations, but I didn’t think talking about your kids poop would be a topic I would be discussing.

Finally, what’s the biggest lesson your time as a mum has taught you?
You know what you are doing, listen to yourself! you have instincts!


If you enjoyed this post, you can check out more from Jaymee over at The Mum Diaries and her social media!


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