Review: Munchkin Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

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What is the Baby In-sight Mega Mirror?

Review of the Munchkin baby in-sight mega mirrorBaby in car mirrors are handy contraptions that attach to the headrest of your car to enable you to see your baby in his or her rear facing car seat while you drive. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs but most are simple curved mirrors with a padded frame.

About the Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

The Munchkin baby in-sight mirror sits in the middle of the price range for similar products. The packaging is simple and clean but not the best design. I feel it gives the product an air of being a little cheap which is a shame. Grumpy dad and I spent some time sniggering over one of the main product images which shows a baby in his car seat looking left while his reflection in the mirror is looking right! This little error may not change the quality of the product but if you have an eye for detail it does make you wonder, if the manufacturer missed such a glaring mistake on the packaging, what might they have missed on the product itself.

Review of the Munchkin baby in-sight mega mirrorThe two key messages on the packaging that catch your eye are that it’s crash tested, which is very important when you’ve just spent hundreds of pounds buying a car seat to keep your baby snug and safe. The last thing you want to do is introduce a mirror which may be a danger should the worse happen. Also, that the fastening system has multiple attachment options. Again, this is reassuring as you don’t want to buy the mirror only to find that you can’t fit it to your car, however, I would say that on closer inspection, by multiple they mean two.

Once you remove the mirror from the packaging you will find a small pamphlet explaining how to fit your mirror. Although there are four diagrams to to help explain the instructions, they are still less than clear… luckily fitting the mirror to a head rest is fairly self explanatory so I didn’t need to look at the instructions at all.

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On to the mirror itself. The glass area is 25.4cm by 16cm which makes it one of the larger mirrors on the market and it’s made from shatter resistant convex glass which gives you a wide view. The frame of the mirror is soft, padded, grey fabric which won’t win any style awards, but will go well with the majority of car interiors. The back of the mirror has a strap and hook system for attaching it to the headrest of a car.

The Review

The first time I went out in the car with Grumpy Baby I was nervous wreck to say the lease. I was so used to sitting next to Grumpy Baby, holding her hand, chatting to her and soothing her whenever she made so much as a grunt. Sitting in the front of the car unable to see or touch her made me feel like I was a million miles away, and when the car soothed her to sleep, as it always does, I found myself panicking that something sinister might be going on. It wasn’t of course, she was contently catching up on some of the Z’s that she loves to deny me, but I decided immediately that before I took her out again I would need to buy a baby viewing mirror.

I chose the Munchkin Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror mostly by chance. I knew I wanted a large mirror so that I could get a good view of Grumpy Baby and with that in mind I walked into my local Boots where they had two different mirrors that fit the bill. The Munchkin mirror that I’m reviewing and the Bright Starts See and Play Mirror. I preferred the design of the Bright Starts mirror as Grumpy Baby is something of a narcissist when it comes to looking at her own reflection and I felt that the bright colours would peak her interest. The reason that I didn’t purchase that mirror is that the quality seemed to be considerably poorer. Every single Bright Starts mirror in stock had a damaged frame or scratched mirror. Some of the mirrored surfaces were peeling off all together. So, given the alternative, Munchkin mirror it was!

Review of the Munchkin baby in-sight mega mirror
The fastening method of the munchkin mirror is strangely complicated.

When I removed the mirror from the packaging I was surprised that it felt remarkably well made. It was light but solid and the convex mirror was very clear with no imperfections or warping. The fastening system at the back was a little confusing, near the top back of the mirror there is a solid flap with a D ring, the bottom has a flexible strap with a tape and hook attached. At first glance this seemed like quite a complicated system for attaching a mirror to a headrest and if I’m honest at second and third glace it still seems like a bit of a faff when a couple of elastic straps would have done the job.

Despite the strange fastening system I took the mirror out to my car (a Hyundai Getz) and began working out how to attach it. Within a few minutes I had slid the flexible strap under the headrest, attached the hook to the D ring and tightened the tape so that the mirror sat snugly. I then popped Grumpy Baby into her car seat and wiggled the mirror until she could see herself. What followed felt like a exercise routine, running around to the drivers seat, adjusting my rear view mirror then running back to the back seat and adjusting Grumpy Baby’s mirror. All in all I had to do this about three times before I decided the angle would do… after all I didn’t need to be able to see Grumpy Baby’s feet and by this time I was running late.

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During our journey I have to say that the mirror was fantastic! It stayed perfectly still with no slipping or wobbling and the reflection was brilliantly clear. Using the baby mirror isn’t like sitting next to your baby, you can’t see them breath or their finer movements, but you can see if they’re awake or asleep and their expression. The mirror really came into its own when I put Grumpy Baby back in the car to come home. I usually use a ISOFIX base (Which I can’t recommend highly enough) in Grumpy Dad’s car, but my old banger was made before ISOFIX was standard and so I had to battle with the seat belt fastening which is strangely akin to a mixture of Yoga and Weight Training. I must have done something wrong on the return trip because when I looked in the rear view mirror I could see that the car seat had slipped a little and every time I accelerated Grumpy Baby’s head was moving forward. Had I not had the mirror I would never have known and could have driven all the way home with her poor little head bouncing around, luckily I was able to stop (in a safe place) immediately and readjust her car seat. In my view, this incident makes having a baby car mirror priceless!

My only concern when using this mirror was how distracting it was. I found myself wanting to look at Grumpy Baby at every possible opportunity and I had to exercise restraint to only look at her while stuck in traffic or stopped at red lights. This isn’t however a reflection of this product, rather of the product type and the advantage of peace of mind is well worth any disadvantage.

Review of the Munchkin baby in-sight mega mirror


Where can I buy the Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

The Munchkin Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror can be purchased  from the Munchkin website HERE, most good retailers with a baby section or Amazon via the link below.

A Grumpy Mum Review of the Munchkin baby in-sight mega mirror



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