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Baby Changing Mat Review

Mamas and Papas Essentials Changing Mat Review by

About the product

The Mamas and Papas Essentials Baby Changing Mat is a thick double sided changing mattress which comes in a variety of patterns suitable for girls or boys. It has two side “buffers” which provide some anti-roll protection in very young babies and a puffed up pillow section to give older babies a more comfortable head support.

The mattress is 70cm long by 45cm wide and approximately 5cm thick. It fits all Mamas and Papas baby changing stations and is wipe clean.

My Review

Baby changing mats seem like a really easy thing to buy, after all, they’re just a waterproof surface to to change your baby’s bottom on and there’s nothing special about that! So I was really surprised when it turned out to be one of the items that I spent the most time shopping for.

Mamas and Papas Essentials Changing Mat PatternChanging mats come in a variety of shapes sizes and colors. Some have what appears to be foam floating devices on either side, some are in effect  a sheet of plastic and some are so fancy and expensive that they look like antique doll beds. I started to feel like Goldie Locks wandering around baby shops, poking mattresses, saying “this one is too thin”, “this one is too hard”, “This one is too big”… On and on. And the decision making didn’t stop there. Once I’d found a style I liked I often still didn’t buy the changing mat because I hated the design. Teddy bears for boys and and pink and cute for girls is the standard and neither appealed to me.

I finally found the Mamas and Papas Essentials Changing Mat after several weeks of searching, and immediately bought one. It’s just the right mix of functional, attractive and comfortable. It comes in a number of designs, none of which involve teddy bears, and is reversible, which is handy when you’re trying to change your baby using only the glow from a night light and can’t make out which side is up.

Mamas and Papas Essentials Baby Changing MatIn fact I liked this changing mat so much that a few weeks later I decided to get a second to keep downstairs. The first is used on my bed at night, where it’s light weight design comes in handy for moving it around the room and the slightly raised sides are enough to keep Baby in the centre, at least until she learns to roll. The second mat is used on the floor, where the thick padding is perfect to keep Baby comfortable and warm. I also use the end of the mat to save my knees from the hard wood floor and as a result it is going a little flat, but I can hardly blame the mat for this as it wasn’t designed to take the weight of an adult repeatedly kneeling on it.

Although I really like this mat, there is one thing I would change about it if I had the chance. Should your baby have a accident, the row of stitches to either side of the central section will helpfully direct the liquid away from your baby… down the mat and off of the bottom onto whatever happens to be there. In my case my knees, the floor or the duvet. It would be far better to design the mat so that the offending stitch-ditch stopped short of the end, trapping the run off before it causes extra laundry.

Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

You can purchase the mat direct from mamas and papas by visiting one of their stores or their website HERE. As with most things, you can also purchase this product on Amazon by clicking the link below.







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