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Laundrapp laundry service

I’ve always struggled with the whole Domestic Goddess thing. I’m not very good at cleaning, hoovering happens when the dust bunnies start to form rival tribes, and if it wasn’t for the dishwasher we would probably be eating off of paper plates!

Sadly my skills at handling the laundry are no improvement on this. The washing tends to get done when someone runs out of clothes, and even then it is no guarantee that said wash will result in clean clothes as they sometimes end up in what I like to think of as a groundhog cycle, where I put the clothes in the washing machine with good intentions but then forget about them until I discover them three days later and have to put them on again (Repeat indefinitely). Indeed only yesterday I found myself doing a happy dance because the work trousers Grumpy Dad put in the wash three weeks ago were in the clean washing basket instead of the dirty one when he came to look for them. Grumpy Dad did inform me that managing to wash a pair of trousers in less than three weeks was nothing to celebrate but I disagree, they were after all clean.

Baby helping with the laundry - Laundrapp

Some similarly afflicted people choose to make use of launderettes to to deal with their laundry blind spot, but this is fraught with its own problems such as the time it takes to actually get the laundry there. No mean feat, particularly if you have to do everything with a tiny, uncooperative human in tow.

Laundrapp laundry service

This is where Laundrapp comes in. It’s a little like having your own fairy godmother who collects laundry and dry cleaning direct from your door and returns it clean, freshly pressed and conditioned. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone, tablet, or laptop and you can book a free collection and return delivery time to suit your schedule. You can even track your order and the location of your delivery diver if you wish.

Laundrapp, the on-demand, on-your-doorstep, laundry and dry cleaning service is offering followers of Grumpy Mum Reviews £15 off their first order, using the code LAUNDRAPPGRUMPY.

Laundrapp laundry service

Available in over 100 UK towns and cities, Laundrapp work with local drivers to offer on–demand technology for your laundry. To book your free collection and delivery download the app or visit

Laundrapp is a new app which allows you to book your laundry and dry cleaning for collection and drlivery straight to your door.

*This post was sponsored by Laundrapp.


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